I’m afraid

Since childhood I was prepared for the fact that someday I will become a mother. My parents tried to lay on me all that bright, kind and reasonable that would allow me to bring up her unborn child a real Man. Absorbing the history of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, older sisters, I was, as it seemed to me then, mentally prepared for her purpose as suddenly.

I must admit, I am not a coward, and it never has been, but the news about the pregnancy threw me, to put it mildly, in a slight daze. Frantically trying to collect will in a fist (and thoughts – in a bunch), I locked myself for a whole day in his room and was going to “think” of what is happening. Don’t think anything I was really happy, and a child conceived in love, but as it turned out, psychologically I was absolutely not prepared for the fact that my life is forever changed. Will laugh, but I was afraid of even the most minor changes, which were pictured in the imagination so vividly, as if they already happened. Now, as time passes, many of them seem to me to be sheer stupidity, but in order to realize this, I had a long way to go. It was hard, and alone, it seemed almost impossible, but, as often happens, came from an unexpected side. Thanks to the advice of a psychologist, books and conversations with Continue reading

The nurse teaches the child to understand the nature

Since the very young age, it is very important to teach a child to understand, to listen and to respect nature. We are all very fine, but strong thread tied to nature. Rupture of relations with nature leads to excessive urbanization – immersion only in the urban environment, to emptiness, to the misunderstanding of nature, to neglect her. As a result, the person does not receive from nature with much needed energy .

What is the difference between a man and a child? In principle no, but the child can be left alone with a babysitter.

If a child is engaged in nanny, then on her shoulders rests the duty is not just to walk with your child and teach the child to love and understand nature. Will see what we can recommend the nanny or parents – how to teach your child to love nature:

– Walk your child in the courtyard – use every opportunity to go with a child there where plenty of nature – in square, Park, forest. If possible – go with the child often on the nature .

There is nothing more hostile to the child than his mother. – Assuming further that any woman exactly is a mother first, we should recognize female infantilism a symptom of extreme degeneration. – Meanwhile, as the “ideal man” is only “eternal child”.

– Teach your child from the very young age to listen to the sounds: the rustle Continue reading

Transfer of the image of the father’s relationship with men

The value of age to grown-up child separated from a parent family . felt independent personality, and really turned into such. Separated energetically and informationally, and created for themselves their own conduct in life, their own rules of the game.

In reality, the separation on the physical plane may be only appearance, if problems with a parent (or someone who raised the child) has not been solved, not acceptance, not found their own solutions to similar situations in the future. In this case, an adult child already subconsciously uses in the life of the copied program parents, even if consciously protesting against it.

So if someone has an unresolved problem in their relationship with a parent – this problem trudges through life, the transfer is made on other people, mates. Man continues to subconsciously sort things out, until you forgive, accept and let go of the past. As a consequence, other people had made the transfer with “problem” parents, not perceived, and the relationship with them are not harmonious. If otnosheniya was not destroyed, you can restore them after the relationship with a parent, rabotodatel them together, and accepting your partner the way he is.

Examples from practical work.

While working with the theme of “No relations with men” with E. it was discovered a large mass-the Continue reading

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