The Fabulous country, arrange children’s room

As a rule, together with news about the imminent addition to the family, parents ponder which room to allocate to the nursery. It is clear that it must be the most Sunny and bright room in the apartment. More questions arise with the design of the nursery.

It would seem that only yesterday you brought from the hospital your tiny happiness, carefully Packed in a delicate blanket and tied with satin ribbon. But behind the first step and first word. The kid grew up, and it is time to get rid of mobiles, rattles and rocking beds, and create new interior nursery, which will be comfortable to grow younger preschooler.


Nursery for children 3 years should be as functional. In fact this bedroom, and an arcade, and a lounge where you can watch favorite cartoon before bedtime, and creative Studio, and even sports. Specialists in interior design they say that children must be at least 3 zones: a place to sleep, play and creativity. Gluing “serious” Wallpaper & buy “adult” furniture room for growth – not the best idea. Children should be different from other rooms in the apartment, not a room – it’s fairyland, where the owner he is your baby.


For the nursery psychologists recommend the use of soft shades, from yellowish-green and yellow, to pale orange. If the window Continue reading

How to teach children and adults with autism to answer?

The ability to correctly answer “Yes” and “no” to the question — this is a very complex skill that includes various operations. In my experience, at first the child needs to learn Mande-reaction Yes/no [speech reactions that allow you to get what you want]. For example, the answer “Yes” or “no” to the question “do You want biscuits?” Only then you can try to teach the child the beat-reactions Yes/no [verbal reactions, which allow to obtain social promotion]. For example: “This bed?” And then intraverbal reactions Yes/no [verbal response that is called another voice response and encouraged socially, the conversation]. For example: “the Cow quacks?” It is best to begin with an assessment of how the child is able to answer Yes/no for each operation.

I worked very hard on teaching my son with autism and a few other children mandé-reactions Yes/no. Teaching a child to say “no” or shaking the head to indicate “no” you can start from an early age as alternatives to problem behavior, such as shouting and throwing objects. However, in order to start training the word “Yes”, you need to make sure that the child has a very important basic skills.

I recommend not to teach the child mandé-reaction “Yes”, until he learns Continue reading

Child fell and hit her head – what to do?

Often in a situation where a child falls out of bed or changing table, mom doesn’t know what to do. Do I need to run to the doctor, call an ambulance or help the child? It all depends on the severity of the damage, but the main thing is to calm down and think straight.

The child fell out of bed and hit his head: possible injury

When young children fall inevitable headbutt. It matters not exactly what kind of place he had hit it when you fell (the forehead or back of the head), and the severity of brain damage.

The child’s body differs in many respects from the adult, the bones of the skull do not fully fused (easy to shift), and brain tissue is fragile and immature. All these factors predispose to more severe brain damage.

All traumatic brain injuries are divided into:

open (broken bones and soft tissue)

closed ( when the integrity of the skull bones and soft tissue is not broken)

Closed brain injuries are divided into:


brain injury

brain compression

When shaken there is no change in the structure of the brain substance, with the injury occur foci of destruction of the cerebral Continue reading

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