Why is the child crying?

So decided to start this topic, just stumbled upon a very addicting book. share your observations and young parents will begin to properly understand their children.

Here are some quotes from the book (“1000 ways to understand your child from birth 0 to 7”, Ifergan Harry, Etienne Rick).


As soon as the child begins to cry, the whole family comes to the excitement. Everyone is asking each other: maybe he’s hungry, maybe he’s hot or he’s wet. But in vain diaper changing, nothing helps. The baby cries louder reinforcing the anxiety of parents. The result is all on edge, worried, annoyed. There is a desire to go to the doctor. But it turns out that the child is healthy. It remains only to wander around the apartment and in the end to put the baby to bed-naturally, with a guilty conscience.


Your child is not crying, he communicates! Its only a lexicon screams. From the first months of life of their repertoire is diverse: the cries of hunger – loud and persistent, because it affects his life. The chirping of satisfaction, indicating that the child is clean, fed and happy. Grunt, followed by a head Continue reading

How to establish a relationship with the mother

Very often there are situations when two most people can’t find understanding. You need time to understand how to build relationships with my mother not to commit further mistakes.

Mom always remains the most close person, regardless of how old we are. But unfortunately the problems between us begin to manifest in childhood, continue to adolescence, and conflict-adult daughters and their mothers at all no surprise. To know how to establish a relationship with the mother, you need to understand how you formed your relationship.

Daughter and mother: what are the relationships

If you do not consider extreme cases in which the child with his mother really is unlucky, in most cases the mother is really a lot invested in the development and upbringing of his daughter. But in the end the relationship between them cannot be called, nor trust, nor friendly. From experience, there are several types of relationship mother – daughter.

Mother and daughter are best friends

In forming this type of relationship, the main role is played by the mother. These relationships are laid in childhood and carefully scooting through life and her mother and daughter. If the mother had time to consider in daughter Mature person, they will have a very good relationship. The daughter in this case is completely Continue reading

The Fabulous country, arrange children’s room

As a rule, together with news about the imminent addition to the family, parents ponder which room to allocate to the nursery. It is clear that it must be the most Sunny and bright room in the apartment. More questions arise with the design of the nursery.

It would seem that only yesterday you brought from the hospital your tiny happiness, carefully Packed in a delicate blanket and tied with satin ribbon. But behind the first step and first word. The kid grew up, and it is time to get rid of mobiles, rattles and rocking beds, and create new interior nursery, which will be comfortable to grow younger preschooler.


Nursery for children 3 years should be as functional. In fact this bedroom, and an arcade, and a lounge where you can watch favorite cartoon before bedtime, and creative Studio, and even sports. Specialists in interior design they say that children must be at least 3 zones: a place to sleep, play and creativity. Gluing “serious” Wallpaper & buy “adult” furniture room for growth – not the best idea. Children should be different from other rooms in the apartment, not a room – it’s fairyland, where the owner he is your baby.


For the nursery psychologists recommend the use of soft shades, from yellowish-green and yellow, to pale orange. If the window Continue reading

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