Child fell and hit her head – what to do?

Often in a situation where a child falls out of bed or changing table, mom doesn’t know what to do. Do I need to run to the doctor, call an ambulance or help the child? It all depends on the severity of the damage, but the main thing is to calm down and think straight.

The child fell out of bed and hit his head: possible injury

When young children fall inevitable headbutt. It matters not exactly what kind of place he had hit it when you fell (the forehead or back of the head), and the severity of brain damage.

The child’s body differs in many respects from the adult, the bones of the skull do not fully fused (easy to shift), and brain tissue is fragile and immature. All these factors predispose to more severe brain damage.

All traumatic brain injuries are divided into:

open (broken bones and soft tissue)

closed ( when the integrity of the skull bones and soft tissue is not broken)

Closed brain injuries are divided into:


brain injury

brain compression

When shaken there is no change in the structure of the brain substance, with the injury occur foci of destruction of the cerebral substance, and the compression shows up at the scene of injury due to rupture of blood vessels or bone fragments of the skull.

If the child fell and hit his head (the occiput or the forehead), and can be soft tissue injury is the lightest injury, when the brain does not suffer. Then there is a lump or abrasion at the point of impact.

The symptoms that indicate a brain injury

Concussion manifested by short loss of consciousness. In children younger than years to notice this can be difficult. To assume such a condition is possible if from the moment of falling to the appearance of crying it took some time (1-3 minutes). The child may vomit. Up to 3 months vomiting may be repeated. Is blanching of the skin, Department of perspiration and lethargy and refusal to eat. Children under one year don’t sleep on the first night after the injury.

When brain injury loss of consciousness may be longer (more hours), may show signs of respiratory and cardiac activity.

If the child fell out of bed and fell so that there was a skull fracture. his condition can be severe. Possible outflow of cerebrospinal fluid (lighter fluid) or blood from the nose, ear. Eye bruises (symptom score). However, the symptoms can appear a few hours after the injury.

How to assess the severity of the injury, if the child fell and hit his head?

If the child fell out of bed (couch, changing table or other surfaces), it is necessary to closely monitor his condition. In the case, when it was all over a 10-15 minute crying, and the child’s condition has not changed, the doctor can not handle.

If the mother appeared to be any doubt that the trauma is not dangerous, better call the doctor because it is safer to ensure the child’s health than to treat severe consequences.

Children up to 1.5 years can make neurosonography. This procedure is painless, inexpensive and can be performed using the ultrasound machine. It can help to determine the increase in intracranial pressure and the presence of hemorrhage, life-threatening. At a later age to do such a study will not work if is overgrown Fontanelle.

The child fell out of bed – first aid

If the point of impact there was a bump – you can put some ice in a napkin or something cold. Resolving effect has magnesium lotion with this solution you need to do 2 times a day.

If there is bleeding, is applied to the wound tissue in the form of a tampon. If the blood does not stop in 15 minutes, call an ambulance.

If the child fell and hit his forehead or the back of his head, he’s not allowed to sleep within the hour (this applies to children older than one year), as on the adequacy of his responses and reactions to your questions can be understood to have suffered a brain. To Wake up and check coordination can (and should) night.

The baby needs to be monitored very closely and care within 7 days, if the doctor was allowed to stay home. Child needs rest and the lack of visual stress (especially children older than 1.5-2 years).

Call an ambulance if the child fell and hit his head?

With loss of consciousness and severe bleeding from the wound it is necessary to call an ambulance. Prior to her arrival, it is better to lay the baby on its side, especially if there is vomiting (in this situation it doesn’t choke).

If the child fell from a great height on the head or back, as this might damage the spine. Then change the position of the baby should be very careful to avoid injury of the spinal cord.

An ambulance should be called if you experience any of the disturbing symptoms :

deterioration of health

child “awake” experiencing dizziness (this applies to older children)

convulsions or twitching of the muscles of the body

wide pupils don’t constrict from bright light or different sized pupils

sudden paleness

blood in the urine, stool or vomit

paresis or paralysis of the muscles

In severe brain injuries appropriate treatment is prescribed only after a thorough examination of the child.

Prevention of head injuries in children in the fall

The situation when a child falls out of bed or changing table, it happens most often with children up to one year. So no need to leave the baby alone, especially if he has already learned to roll over. Better to leave the child on the floor (not on the bare, of course).

A changing table is a very dangerous thing, as it has a small area. So one of the presence of adults is small, it is necessary to hold the child’s hand. Better to swaddle the baby on the bed or couch.

You can lay something soft or put pillows on the floor, in case the child falls out of bed.

Children also love to fall from the wheelchair. Therefore, it is better to buy a lower model and strollers with high sides, not to neglect wearing baby.

When the child begins to walk. downs happen often. The reason can be slippery floors (parquet). The child can put on socks with rubber inserts (they will not let slide). Rugs and carpets should not “ride” on the floor, they also can cause you to fall.

I would like to mention the psychological side of the question. There is no need to fear that the child will fall and hit my head – after all, it happens exactly what the person is very afraid. Moreover, you can pass this fear and the child.

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