Developmental activities in Dnipropetrovsk

The training is conducted in Russian or Ukrainian language (according to the customer).

We love our children, care for them and wish them all the best. And what they think about it? Here’s a real story, a real boy who visited our developmental activities in Dnepropetrovsk, retold his mother.

So, the first day in “EnglisHouse”

Hello! My name is Bogdan. Me 3 years, but soon-soon to be 4. Dad says I’m still a little, and without it does not allow to turn on the computer. And mom says I’m big, and I need to do.

One day my mother said we’re going TO DEVELOPMENT, and brought out of the closet with a shirt that we wear only, when we go to visit. I realized that the “DEVELOPMENT” is a very important place where you need to behave well and “not to shame parents”. Immediately became bored and wanted juice with cookies.

We came to the house, where there was a long, long hallway and lots of doors. I was approached by my aunt and said,

Hey! Let’s get acquainted. What’s your name?

I replied, but what’s the name of the aunt, do not remember. Mom helped me take off shoes and put on Slippers. At home! My aunt took me by the hand and we walked into the room. It was a good room – bright and cheerful. On the walls pictures and drawings, a table with colored pencils and markers, and on the floor – carpet. The carpet was full of children – 2 girls and 3 boys. They talked and laughed.

– Well, here we are all gathered . – said the aunt.

– And mom? ” I asked, ‘ we came TOGETHER TO DEVELOPMENT .

Mom was outside the door, she peeked into the room, and said she would be here, together with other moms.

We sat at the table and began to peruse. I remember the names of only Nikita and Soni. But her aunt did not ask us who remember, she just called our names and we had to slap his hands when the sound of his own. And here funny happened: it turns out we had another Bogdan, and we slammed together!

Then we were told that we love: color, animation, to eat for lunch. And again aunt called what we said, and we each had to raise their hand if talked about him. It was quite easy!

Then my aunt asked us to show her fingers and offered to do gymnastics. She said that work better than fingers, so we better think. I don’t know how the fingers affect how we think, but did gymnastics. It was interesting.

And then the games began! We played in the “color” is laid out a trail of green cubes, hung up the magnets on the Board – it was necessary to choose a circle, square or triangle. Well, who doesn’t know what the triangle. Then my aunt put different items in a bag, we put in there hand and had to guess what it is. Without eyes! I was a little disappointed because I could not understand what was in the bag. But aunt asked me questions, and I guessed it – clothespin, exactly the same as we have on the balcony, only yellow!

And then we played in the “magic words” we were doing something, only if I heard the word PLEASE and in the “jacks”. You had to be very careful not to eat Breakfast on the umbrella! I got a cake and a banana. Yum-yum.

And then we got up from the table, and we began to “the hunt for the letters”. The letters were large, the leaves and lay on the floor. And we take turns “catch” them – jumped right on top. I tried to jump as high as possible. Fun. Then we “put up” letters ” she greeted them and got acquainted, and then… fed. I fed the “u”.

And then we played hide and seek. Or rather, not we, and images-animals. There was a Bunny, wolf, Fox, elephant and Hippo. We turned away, and one critter “ran”, you need to remember what it is. I remembered the elephant! And then they ran away all at once. And we all remember! I now remember. It was a Bunny, wolf… Oh, I already said that!

And then came to the figures. We are again “hunted”, and then fed pebbles and buttons. No luck Sonia, she fed 10 – the biggest glutton. And we laughed.

And then aunt asked what we liked, we started to talk, but she laughed and said “take turns”. I said that I liked “the hunt for the letters and numbers” because it was possible to jump. Aunt praised us and “summarized”: gave us prizes – stickers and calendars. I have the most beautiful sticker and a calendar with the cat!

Aunt promised that next time we will paint and asked the house to play with their parents in games, as in the lesson. Don’t know if mom “hunt” on the letters?

We went home and my mother kept asking, and I told her. And then I asked her:

– Mom, what’s the name of our teacher?

And mom said,

– Oh, I don’t remember .

Well who is she? Okay, next time I will ask and then remember.

Dear parents, the biggest thing we can give our children – the love and positive emotions. Join EnglisHouse. Here are able to hear and understand your kids. Our club is fun, helpful and warm!

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