The Fabulous country, arrange children’s room

As a rule, together with news about the imminent addition to the family, parents ponder which room to allocate to the nursery. It is clear that it must be the most Sunny and bright room in the apartment. More questions arise with the design of the nursery.

It would seem that only yesterday you brought from the hospital your tiny happiness, carefully Packed in a delicate blanket and tied with satin ribbon. But behind the first step and first word. The kid grew up, and it is time to get rid of mobiles, rattles and rocking beds, and create new interior nursery, which will be comfortable to grow younger preschooler.


Nursery for children 3 years should be as functional. In fact this bedroom, and an arcade, and a lounge where you can watch favorite cartoon before bedtime, and creative Studio, and even sports. Specialists in interior design they say that children must be at least 3 zones: a place to sleep, play and creativity. Gluing “serious” Wallpaper & buy “adult” furniture room for growth – not the best idea. Children should be different from other rooms in the apartment, not a room – it’s fairyland, where the owner he is your baby.


For the nursery psychologists recommend the use of soft shades, from yellowish-green and yellow, to pale orange. If the window of the room faces South, organically will look light blue and light green Wallpaper. Too bright, juicy colors in the room should not be. This may contribute to the development of behavioral abnormalities in a child: aggression or isolation.

Choose a color scheme for children’s needs with consideration of the peculiarities of the temperament of the child. For example, a hyperactive child is shown a gentle light blue or light green. It makes the baby more calm and docile. Scientific studies prove that children who surrounds blue and green, are often in a good mood. A withdrawn child may be experiencing difficulties in communicating with peers, in contrast, is suitable shades of red (not bright) or orange.


You may have already made sure that all the kids gravitate to wall paintings. If not, you should be prepared for the appearance of these drawings. Because the rare possible for parents to protect walls from children “Kalak-angel”. Will carry out preventive work. Designers recommend to paste only 3 walls (stock up on a few rolls for possible pasting). The fourth side it is better to leave “naked” or to paste it paintable Wallpaper. This will be the mural for the kid’s creativity. You don’t have to worry about the safety of expensive Wallpaper and blame the child for the creative impulse. Let draws to itself on health. And when he would grow out of the fascination wall art, you just paste over the wall of the room with Wallpaper or paint over paint art kid.

If you change the Wallpaper you did not plan, you can insure, fix to the wall sheets of drawing paper.

Now about the actual Wallpaper. What to choose: bright patterned, or plain? Experts advise to opt for plain, “cartoon” very soon become bored and begin to irritate his showiness.


Floors should be made of natural materials, because the child will spend in the nursery most of the day. You need to take care that the air in the room was clean, and chemical compounds present in the composition of non-natural materials, making it unsafe. If possible, it is better to put on the floor parquet, although the material costs a lot of money. Economy option: use a laminate. From the linoleum in the nursery should be abandoned.

Even if you buy for your child comfortable and beautiful Slippers, he will still forget about them and often run barefoot around the room. The child must be carpeted. Besides, if you listened to our recommendations and laid on the floor, parquet / wooden floor, the floor becomes green, but slippery, traumatic. Carpet will reduce the chances of your child falling.

The rugs are not suitable for children, although they seem ideal at first glance. First, they are very difficult to clean. Sometimes it is only by a super-strong detergent cleaners. Secondly, accidentally dropped the clay will lead almost to the destruction of the carpet – it will hardly be able to revive to a decent state.

Carpet should be chosen with children’s themes. One of the most ideal options will be the carpet with the image of the city streets with houses, parks and lakes. It’s more than just a carpet, it is a great “Board game”. Moreover, it will appeal to both girls and boys.


The ceiling in the nursery does not have to be boring. Let it be a continuation of the fabulous interior. How cool to Wake up and see over the head of, say, the blue sky and the stars (they are point lights), which are ignited at sunset.

“Beauty” on the ceiling can be induced in two ways: to buy ready-made solutions suspended ceilings for the nursery, or purchase themed stickers, for example from the series “birds” and “butterflies”, and stick them on the ceiling.


Even if the child is the brightest room in the apartment, you will need to organize a high-quality artificial lighting. The distribution of light should be soft and uniform. Will look great bowl in the center of the room. Crystal and glass chandeliers in the nursery is better not to hang up, they give more glare, but it’s not the best way affects the child’s vision.

Make sure that lighting, which can reach the child, not heated. Otherwise the child may burn yourself.

Be sure to fasten the lamp on the headboard of the crib at this age, children are often afraid to sleep in the dark. A night light will help your child cope with this fear.


A great solution is to hang in the nursery two types of curtains: day and night. They differ in density. It is important that they are easily and securely fastened, but, at the same time, easily dismantled. After all, they may have to wash more often than curtains in other rooms.

Make sure that the rods are firmly attached to the wall – the child, probably, repeatedly tries to pull the curtains. It is important that the eaves steadfastly withstood the test. The impact of a heavy cornice may result in injury to the baby. Blinds and Roman blinds in a nursery for a child 3-5 years is better not to hang. It’s not too practical: inquisitive toddler will test the strength of the thread until you mess up or rip it.


The bed does not have to be a classic. The boy will be delighted from the bed in the shape of the car and the girl like a Princess bed with a canopy. Please note, as if the original was made bedstead, and inside there should be a quality mattress, not too soft, and even better orthopedic.

Table and chair

The child needs to equip the workspace. He loves to paint, sculpt from clay, to look at pictures, begins to make the first success in the prescription. Therefore, in the nursery you need to put a comfortable table and chair.

The table should be rectangular. Round is not ideal, as it presses the chest of the baby to the top of the table, and while drawing or modeling the elbows of the child are on weight. This contributes to rapid fatigue.

The chair should be selected strictly on growth, of the child’s feet should firmly stand on the floor and not hanging. Spinning chairs are not suitable for a child of 3-5 years.

Indispensable accessories

1. Let in the children’s room will be a lot of pillows or soft toys. Toddlers at this age love to play on the floor, and so they do not catch cold during the game, you can distribute the cushions on the floor.

2. Be sure to take a variety of boxes, baskets and tables for storage of toys. This will teach child care and discipline: after the game to clean up after themselves.

3. Hang in infant stadiometer, with which the whole family will follow as the child grows up. Stadiometer to buy or sew their own, styled as a soft toy. If sewing onto stadiometer transparent pockets, it can be noted there is not only growth, but also to strengthen the photo. This “handmade” would eventually become a real family heirloom.

4. Hang in pediatric magnetic Board with letters and numbers. After all, it is time to start learning the alphabet and numbers.

5. Certainly, to 3 years the child already has an impressive library of fairy tales and children’s stories. So, it’s time to equip the nursery bookshelf. To strengthen them, given the growth of the child. If the kid will have to them to stretch, no doubt, one day this will end in a tragedy of falling and injury. You’re numbers have in mind for your child? So why not adjust it under the baby?

6. If space allows, will strengthen a children’s sports complex.

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