Kid stealing: entertainment or lifestyle?

For example, a child taking someone else’s toy, does so in accordance with their wishes. This spontaneous outburst: why not just take it without asking any thing and not to play – these are internal arguments of the baby. Children because of age is difficult to control those sudden emotions. But if the child is taking someone else’s thing, often not aware that thereby causes a damage to another person, an adult understands this. There is even such a point of view that stealing is a hidden form of aggression. Through the assignment of another man asserts itself, experiencing the pleasure of stealing from achieving some success.

Another reason that compels people to steal, is the desire for collecting, when you steal everything that is bad, and even those things that are naturally there.

Painful urge to steal is called kleptomania (Greek: “klepto” – kidnapped, “mania” madness). It is a kind of mental disorder that manifests itself in obsessive attraction to plunder things. This disease affects about 0.05% of people living on earth.

Kleptomaniac steals not for the sake of obtaining material values, but solely for the sake of it.

There is also theft is a mental and neurotic. This disease often suffer from wealthy people. At the time of theft, the person experiences a rush of adrenaline, euphoria. This dependence is psychological in character and akin to tobacco or alcohol dependence.

Children and teenagers steal for different reasons: from lack of attention from parents, neglect the needs of the child, out of curiosity, interest, search for new experiences, but also from a desire to assert themselves or being under the influence of bad company.

In our today’s interview about child stealing, says the head of the juvenile Department of the Kirov district Department of internal Affairs police major Elena Alekseeva .

“In Chapter 21 of the criminal code lists the types of crimes against property. These include theft, robbery, robbery, fraud (unit of property crimes). If the property stolen secretly is theft, if open – robbery, but if openly and with a weapon, then the robbery. Fraud is theft by deception. These types of crimes against property are criminal offences. There is a type of theft where the amount of the damage does not exceed one thousand roubles, – petty theft. For it provides for administrative liability: the imposition of penalties.

According to statistics, in the first eight months of 2008, the juvenile was 55 criminal cases instituted under article 158 of the criminal code (theft). 33 is theft, committed by teenagers from shops, shopping malls that is a pretty big indicator for 60% of the total number of thefts committed by juveniles in seven months. Also subject to criminal proceedings for theft committed by teenagers from the cellars, apartments, cars. Was and two of theft of cell phones in schools”.

– What children themselves say about the fact of theft?

– Children do not explain why they stole this or that thing, just say “Wanted and took it.” Was recently sentenced the girl who stole things from the store on four thousand roubles. The case was heard at the session of the Commission on Affairs of minors. To the question “why did she do it?” a clear answer from minors are not followed. She was given six months probation.

Of course, teenagers want to have in your wardrobe a fashionable stuff and look how glossy cover, as well as clothing prices are quite high minors go on stealing.

There is such a moment, one teenager stole something, and he got caught. He then talks about his deed unpunished others: “here’s what you can steal and nothing will happen”. The sharing of negative experiences among minors is pretty fast. For them, the important fact of the Commission of the action and not the thing that was stolen. One did, shared experience, the second will also want to do so. But this experience ends differently: someone who gets off by administrative measures, and for someone indiscretion ends the criminal case. For the child there is often no definitive framework. For him “no” because “no” is an empty phrase. We explain to teenagers that “polyray” does not happen. The thief he is a thief, and stealing is stealing, although in each case there are different punishments.

– Elena, how, in your opinion, should combat child stealing?

– The rudiments of moral and ethical norms and rules of behavior come from family. If the parents have clear limits: “you can’t take someone else’s”, “before to take something, ask if it is possible or not”, then he will not take. This responsibility lies entirely on the shoulders of mom and dad.

Parents should give the child attention and explain the principles according to which the society lives. You cannot take someone else’s, not because you’ll be punished for this, but because you just can’t. This, too, must speak. If we want to be better, why not start with ourselves and our children? Half-measures in education don’t work. After all, as the baby will bring such result and such an attitude towards themselves and society as a whole and you will receive in the future.

We have found that think Levoberezhny on child stealing.

Olga . 27 years old, housewife:

Child theft is a specific phenomenon. The child often takes someone else’s, not realizing fully the whole responsibility that will have to suffer for their actions.

Marina . 18 years, the seller:

Child stealing is divided into frivolous, when the child is playing around or not suspects stealing, and serious, when children from poor and disadvantaged families steal a different material values.

Sergey . 32, a taxi driver:

I admit, when we were boys, stealing apples in the gardens… then I realized that it was impossible to do. Children need examples to explain what he is doing is wrong.

Valentina Petrovna . the pensioner:

On child stealing think it is primarily a crime of the parents. So, they do not raise their children, not paying attention. There are times when children become thieves, and subsequently retracting.

Alexander Yakovlevich . 70 years, the pensioner:

They steal children, primarily from our lack of control, starting with parents and to society in General.

Elena Alekseevna . Manager:

Of course, this is a problem when they steal children. Even now there is this type of entertainment: a child from a wealthy family stealing food and things from the supermarket. In my opinion, children are stolen for a variety of reasons: out of envy, because of the stalemate in the house to eat. In their theft only blame our society and the family. When parents have to work very hard, they often do not know where their child is and what he does. And he, maybe, in this time of trades theft.

Child stealing speaks primarily a disease of society, of social acquiescence. Stealing difficult to prevent and even more difficult to “cure”, because each solves the problem of the choice itself: whether to go against his conscience or not to take a sin. Just before you commit a bad act, think, and suddenly evil will come back to you like a boomerang? If at least one of us will abstain and will not cross the line, the world will be a better and kinder.

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