Husband and wife: the Golden mean responsibilities

First of all, I want to note that marriage in Islam is a sacred and legal contract between a man and a woman, establishing the rule of law, sanctity and mutual responsibility of their family relationship, accepting each other as husband and wife, by mutual decision for the common life according to the teachings of Islam.

Both must be aware of their duty to God and responsible to each other in all aspects of their relationship. The main purpose of Muslim marriage act – the implementation of peace and mercy between the spouses, and to achieve this ultimate goal, there are certain rights and obligations of husband and wife.

When choosing a life partner, first and foremost, you need to be guided by piety, it includes: kindness and justice, compassion and love, sympathy and attention, patience and goodwill. That is the message of Holy Quran and Sunnah of our beloved prophet (peace and the mercy to him from Allah and His blessings). The prophet said: “the Best Muslim is the one who is best to his family.” In addition, he says, “. and the most blessed joy in life is a righteous wife.”

The role of the husband in the family is based around the moral principle that it is the sacred duty before Allah treats his wife with kindness, honor and patience, without causing it any harm. God says in the Quran: “O you who believe! You are not lawful for you to inherit women against their will. Do not fix their difficulties, to carry out part of the dowry you have given them, unless they commit a clear abomination. Live with them honorably, and even if you dislike them, it may well be that you dislike something which Allah has placed a lot of good” (Qur’an 4:19).

As the Koran says about the role of the wife: “…According to the established order, wives have the same rights and duties, even husbands and over them. Allah Is Mighty, Wise” (Qur’an 2:228).

A woman should not demand equality of men in all matters. And the man in turn must not abuse their verhovenstvuyuschey position in the family. All Muslim scholars agree that men are the protectors and maintainers of women, guardians and defenders, because Allah has given the one superiority over others: “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given one over the other and because they spend of their property. Righteous women are obedient and keep the things that are supposed to store, in the absence of their husbands, thanks to the care of Allah. As for those women from whom you fear, admonish, avoid the marriage bed, and strike them. If they will be obedient to you, then seek not a way against them. Indeed, Allah Is Ever Exalted And Grand”, The Qur’an (4:34).

The obligations of the husband towards his wife:

1.Treats his wife with kindness, justice, for God said: “…and consort with them in kindness”, the Qur’an (4:19).

2.Patiently to bear a grudge, which gave him a wife, indulgent treat her when she is angry. It may happen that the wrath will cover the woman and under the influence of irritation she becomes disconnected from her husband, giving him to understand that angry. In such cases the husband should treat the wife of tolerance and humility, demonstrating a deep knowledge of the true essence of woman’s nature and character.

3.Jokingly to treat his wife, making her laugh, when necessary, to do affectionately to her heart was filled with joy. And all this should be within permissible that his authority did not fall in her eyes.

4.The husband is obliged to spend on a woman who gave herself to him in marriage. He must provide his wife with food, clothing, adequate for this season, to cover the costs during childbirth. These rights of the wife must be met without excess and avarice. There is a hadith on this subject:

“If a man spends on his family’s funds, without murmuring at their loss, then it is counted to him as righteousness”. (al-Bukhari, Muslim)

Also, the wife has full financial independence and is entitled to spend their money on necessary and noble goal.

If the wife is rebellious and disobedient, refuses husband to enjoy for no reason, leaves the house without his permission, not having a religious circumstances in this case is removed from the husband’s duty to expend on it.

5.The husband was obliged to teach the wife that she ought to know regarding the religion, or to provide her with someone who will teach, or allow her to go to the places where it can gain the necessary knowledge, if she still has them. His duty is to make her namaz, kept fasting the month of Ramadan, etc.

6.In any case, not to humiliate his wife by word or deed, not to humiliate her family, not scorned. Muslim prefer not to put my wife in an awkward position before the people, if he wants to make her his censure, to make a comment about her behavior or correct some mistake, and tries to find a suitable place and time.

7.To show her respect. If he does not love her, not to oppress, not to torture, not to demonstrate to her disgust, or to inspire her sense of insecurity and uncertainty, but be patient: in the hadith of the Prophet says: “Let no believing man does not Harbor hatred for a Christian woman. Because if you don’t like any of her behavior, then marry her other qualities”.

8.To protect her from everything forbidden, to be ready to stand up for her, where required by the Sharia.

The obligation of the wife to her husband:

The main duty of the wife is the maximum contribution to the success and blissfulness of the marriage. She must be attentive to the comfort and welfare of her husband. Perhaps, this is the most brighter than say a verse from the Koran: “They say: “our Lord! Grant us the comfort of our eyes, the spouses and descendants, and make us an example for the righteous”, the Quran (25:74).

1.The wife must be faithful, reliable and honest.

2.Do not hold post-Sunna (the post-Ramadan here is not included) without the husband’s permission, that is Why the Prophet said: “a Woman cannot fast-Sunnah in the presence of her husband without his permission”. al-Bukhari

3.It is impossible to give her any of her husband’s house without his consent, even to their relatives. If given, the burden is going to wear it, and the reward will be her husband.

4.She should not go out of the house against the will of her husband.

5.To be undemanding and content with what Allah has given.

6.After my wife would do anything that would anger her husband, she must hurry to do everything that he forgave her.

7.Be gentle and compassionate to their children, engage in their education. She should care and be responsible for the house of her husband and children.

8.The wife must obey her husband in everything, but if he is not forced to do anything prohibited by the Shariah. The hadith says: “If a woman performs the five prayers a day, fasting in the month of Ramadan, preserves her body from foreign men, submissive to her husband, she will enter Paradise”.

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