Sex education for girls

Very often parents are wondering about what to tell children about sex education. In this article you will be able to find the answer to your questions on this topic.

During adolescence your child should know the basic information about:

1. the changes that occur during puberty in the body;

2. sexuality;

3. sexually transmitted diseases;

4. contraceptive methods;

5. the main and the first signs of pregnancy.

In addition, you should discuss with your child the theme of exaggerated and ostentatious sexiness, which offers pornographic products. You should explain to the child about Masturbation and what teenager does not necessarily demonstrate sexual activity with other people. Also need to discuss the topic of “perfect” shape and appearance, which promoted commercial advertising.

One of my friends got pregnant at young age and gave birth to a child. When he turned a year, she learned that she was pregnant again and is already in the fourth month. The girl came to me for advice, and I asked her how she could do such a thing. After all, she’s only giving birth to one child has already learned of her second pregnancy. At quite a late period.

This young mother said that parents absolutely did not undergo sex education for girls. She is 16 years had no idea that having sex should be protected. Also, she was unaware that abortions take place only at a certain gestational age.

My girlfriend for the first time in 15 years, was sent for an ultrasound. She was granted a pass and direction. She at the appointed time came to the reception office, gave the pass. The doctor started to examine and immediately started screaming at her because she didn’t come prepared.

– Don’t you know that the ultrasound must come with a full bladder? This is because we all know!

As a result my friend sent it to drink water. She was very ashamed that she didn’t know it. However, it was not her fault. Guide doctor who daily repeats the same, got used to the fact that everyone knows the steps that must be taken before an ultrasound. She had not even thought that someone comes for the first time and therefore don’t know it. And if the doctor initially explained everything to my friend, she wouldn’t have been in such an awkward situation. What we know for a long time and for us it is clear, for the child — the unknown. For a woman who made some abortions, obviously, commit them before 12 weeks. Why not tell about a young girl who is nothing but the word abortion does not know. Therefore, the task of every mother to make daughter was in a similar situation. Should tell children about sex education. Explain what is happening in those or other cases. We will not now consider the root cause of abortion. Sin or not, but women do it. Therefore, young girl in advance all you need to know about this to avoid this situation. It is said that if warned — forearmed. And this is not empty words, it is — the truth of life.

You cannot deny the influence of his father on sex education for girls, and mothers — a son. So it is better if the father talks to her daughter about the relationship between men and women. Those who have children, are probably faced with so that her daughter wants to marry father, and the son intends to marry the mother. Do not think that this is just childish nonsense. This is quite a serious stage of maturation, during which the child matches the parent of the opposite sex with other women and men. Mother son animation is all women, and father to daughters of all men. Therefore, when choosing a pair for myself, few people think about that selects from parents.

In order to tell children about intimacy between a man and a woman, about the result of their proximity, it is not necessary to wait for a certain age. If your child has questions, it is better to answer them.

Somehow my colleague came with her daughter to the store. In front of the counter was a rack of condoms and lubricants. Everything is bright and beautiful. Daughter colleagues chose a jar painted with shimmering, and mother asks:

– Mom, can I have it?

The employee has read — a lubricant. – No, do not buy it. It’s grease. It is for men. This smear penis.

At this time my colleague was ready to let several questions: how, why smear. However, this response to the child was enough, and she put the jar into place. Do not be afraid of questions, because they are totally harmless. When you do this, you need to be prepared to explain to the children about sex education. No shame in this. Ashamed to raise a child in an unhealthy interest arises where there is fear and innuendo.

When my friend was 8 years old, she found the parents of condoms. She opened them and saw the usual rubber balls. When they brought them to school, they as a class they were inflated and had fun. Because none of them knew what it is and what it is used. When a friend returned home from school, her mom already noticed that the condom was gone. Grabbing her daughter by the hand, she asked:

– Are you in this school wore?

Of course, a friend got scared and said no. And if her mother asked with a different tone, she would have told. Do not scare your children if you want them to you’ve been lied to. Because children feel your fear and anger, even if you say everyone is friendly.

Of course, after talking to my mom, my friend even never thought to ask her about what it actually was and what it does. Although it was interesting.

You should not make similar mistakes. We must create an atmosphere in which the child without hesitation could ask about such things. Because the issue of condoms is a good reason to talk about illnesses and deaths that carry these diseases.

One of my friend to tell her daughter about sexual education of girls, bought a condom. Then in very simple words explained for what it is. Approximately so:

– Condoms are used as a means of protection from infection. Men wear them on the penis. Everyone gets sick with something. If you were sick with a sore throat and coughing for a healthy person, it can also get sick. To avoid this, you’re in a public place covered with her handkerchief. And there are those diseases that are transmitted by having sex. To avoid this, wear a condom. All the infection remains in it. Why not pick up a used condom on the streets. Many ignorant people that are not trained to clean up after themselves, throw them out the window. If you see them, don’t pick it up.

To read a long lecture to children about sex education is not worth it. They simply will not be able to remember her. If you have any questions, please explain. Once the child will reconsider all your questions will be.

Not avoid and the classic question:

– Mom, where was I before I was in your belly? This question is pretty complex, so you should make him interesting answer. The same question was asked and the daughter of my friend when she told about the reasons of condom use. To this my friend replied:

– You sat on a cloud with binoculars in hand and chose for themselves mommy and daddy. And we are very happy that you chose us.

This answer apparently the child is completely staged, because this question did not arise.

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