The Influence of toys on the formation of a child

Toy – it is a tool of psychological, emotional and physical development of the child. It helps the child to prepare for adult life through play activity, using toys. In the course of game actively develops imagination, memory, thinking, interpersonal skills, perseverance, honed speech function, motility, the ability of concentration and more.

You cannot underestimate the impact of toys on the formation of child’s personality.

If parents perceive the surrounding world is hostile, dangerous, and their children will be as well to perceive it, they will see what their parents, but childish. Look, what part of toys for Your child to be rifles, pistols, guns, knives, swords and so on. If their number exceeds 30%, you need to understand that You train the fighter form in your child’s negative attitude, the idea that aggression and assault are the main attributes of a modern adult human. Since childhood, using these toys You’re just telling him what to shoot, defend, attack, that is necessary to kill someone. Rude, but it is. Moreover, the weapon is not only for boys but also for girls, though of course less. Parents often underestimate the impact of such toys on the formation of child’s personality.

How to teach your child to be friendly?

Only through itself. If You’re a parent most of my time experiencing negative emotions, such as aggression, loneliness, inferiority, resentment, grievances then Your children will experience the same thing. You a thousand times to tell your kid: “Andrey, you have to be friendly”, but if You’re not, it will never be friendly because You are unfriendly, but he’s Your child. You need to teach your child to value themselves, their families and friends. He learns this under one condition – if You follow. You must show how You love your parents, how gratuitously give them his attention, expecting to receive something tangible. If parents often communicate with someone and take your baby with you when you go to visit, and it will absorb it as a rule of life. «Friends, this is for me, because it was for the parents and I saw it and I heard it”. Teach your child to love You, not for toys, but for the fact that You are near, what You his parents.

Friendliness, positive attitude, love, care can be developed with the help of toys. It is advisable to buy your baby a bright, interesting, positive toys. Sometimes the child chooses to store in Your opinion darkish, perhaps even ugly toy and says: “want”. Your task is not to immediately say: «No», and to understand what could bring him a toy. Maybe it’s the eye toy or the texture, or the General background of toys. Such a toy is worth to buy, be sure to offer to give her a name (if it’s a soft toy or doll) and at home to try to talk about what it is this toy. To offer a choice of the following characteristics toys: the good, bad, angry, stubborn, beautiful, polite, obedient, and so on. This game will allow the child to develop communication skills and imagination, after all, to determine what are the properties of a new toy you need to think and to see her not only outside, but also internal.

Perhaps at some point this toy will be the best friend for Your child. He will take the toy in kindergarten, for a walk, go with her to the doctor, talking to her so tenderly, as told to him by his mother. He knows that there is someone who will not hurt you, who will not leave, who will never say: «Go to the corner, you’re grounded”. See how the child plays with the toy, and You will see your relationship with the child where the kid is playing Your role (parent), and a toy that he (the child). This will allow You to look the part on your relationship with Your child that have an impact on the formation of child’s personality.

How to buy toys to your child?

Before going with him to the store it is necessary to discuss which toy a child wants to obtain. It should be a planned purchase, no additional toys. To discuss the price, that is to say: “If the toy will be very expensive, it will be necessary to choose another, so that we could buy. Agreed?” Talking baby: ‘…no money!” don’t, because You are programming yourself and your child that the family has no money. That is, will attract a situation where money really is not. Better to say: “our plan was to buy toys for this amount. This toy is more expensive, so pick another”. If a child came into the store and asks for another toy, you can concede to him, but with the condition that this week, or this month to buy other toys will not. And most importantly, after these words need to be persistent, that is, given the word – keep. If You do not restrain child data promises, then he also will not contain data You no promises. You learn it through yourself, it is important to remember this.

The more diverse the toys Your child has, the more harmonious will be the personality of Your child. From cars to wheelchairs, there must be no division of toys just for boys or just for girls. It is clear that more cars and more guns boys, horses and dolls more girls, but that’s only because parents impose child what he should wear, to love, that he should like.

If you fuel a child’s interest only to the machines, then we get the identity which will have a narrow perception of the world. Him in life will need only a machine, he will buy it, it’ll be great to understand, he can even realize themselves in a profession where the main element will be the machine. Thus, family life, friendship, relationships with relatives and friends can not bring satisfaction at 100%. Narrow perception gives the opposite effect, in one direction plus, the other minus directions. Therefore, the task of every parent to develop in the child the notion that life is an eternal value that people are always above money that relationships are the main wealth of each of us that the toy is for a child, not a child for a toy. It is clear that is committed to the wellbeing it is important that our material world and want comfort, but forget about communication, influence each other never.

Buy puzzles, books, carriages, horses, dinosaurs, developing mats, balls, balloons, bath toys, paints, albums, pencils, clay, beads and more, in one word all that variety to Your life and the life of Your child. Training not only vertically but also horizontally, so that Your child had a right to choose what to love, than to be interested, to aspire to. Let to the child the choice is already there in the children’s store, not everything, but only what is planned, what he said earlier. Learn to choose not only toys, but clothing, shoes, hat. Ask: “You like? Are you happy”. When a child makes the choice himself, in adult life he will be given easily, it will not be anxious, nervous, worry, ask for advice, he will make a choice that is best for themselves.

It is not necessary that the toy was super expensive, it is important that it was bought not out of duty but out of love for her child. Not because it’s expected, but because I want to bring joy to your baby. I sincerely wish You a pleasant shopping and much joy in Your life.

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