Example of parents in the upbringing of the child

All parents naturally want the child was smart, healthy, well-mannered, quiet. Just not everyone realizes that the child is basically trying to take their cue from their parents, trying to be like them and copy their model of behavior. The children receive from parents, not only those features that are transmitted genetically, but also a great influence on the formation of their character is the family education. Therefore, in the first place, to start nurturing with yourself.

To properly educate a child is difficult, and children, in this case, become adult the exam of life. The children are both advantages and disadvantages of their parents. But the disadvantages need to fight, and then in life get better. It will be very important to understand that only the weed itself grows, and cultural plant needs in work and love. How much time you need to invest in their children to grow up as worthy citizens.

The family influence on child rearing

The most important people in the life of the unborn child will be the people who raise him. Therefore, to learn the qualities of character he’ll be raising his family. The child will absorb the reactions and attitudes of their parents, to try to be loved and accepted by them. And it is the adoption of family and love will be initially, to nurture and to give impetus to creative action. The love of a child can be conditional or unconditional, that the child is of great importance, because conditional love is manifested only to a good child, and unconditional love there is in any case simply because there is a native person.

If a child is to love and praise only when it meets the requirements and desires of their parents, then it will also come with them. Just because he listen to will not only replace something. And if he has nothing, then loving parents already did that.

Therefore, the child was obedient, should dominate unconditional love, honesty and understanding. When parents understand their child and are able to agree with him accordingly and he will respect.

Education wise child

Since each child has a huge thirst for knowledge and creativity is inexhaustible, it can be concluded that all children without exception are smart. In his mind yet unnecessary information, and he sees everything, not filtering unnecessary knowledge. And what will be occupied by available memory cells of the child, depends on the upbringing of his parents. Be considered a smart should not the child who can in three years to solve the integral equation, and the child who understands the meaning of the word “impossible”, which is fast and versatile, behaves in accordance with the rules of the society and deals with pleasure. Such a child is committed as soon as possible to explore this interesting world, learning to read, to count, to draw, to sing, to wash the dishes with more passion. The task of the parents only need to develop that interest, and not to extinguish it.

You need to use some tips that the child was smart. The first Council on education wise child will advice about your personality. You need to keep in mind that the child is not a clone of their parents, despite of external similarity. It can be your own passions and interests that do not coincide with the parent. Children can repeat the interests of adults, but not always and not in all.

The second Board education wise child will have the Council make use of habit the child to imitate his parents. For example, if parents want their children involved in sports, they have to have sex with children. Some shouts and persistent recommendations will not be enough, that the child liked activity which seems parents need and perspective. Need adults to show their interest in the case. Then the child will be attracted to it also, copying the parents.


For a child there were various addictions, parents should be an example for their children and choose not to have these habits. But if they are already present in the child, then you need to have patience, because to cancel them instantly fail. Acquired bad habits quickly, but to get rid of them you need several times more time. To solve this problem by beatings, restrictions and threats is impossible. It will only strengthen the desire of the child to “forbidden fruit”. The child can go to, to start to hide and to lie. So we need to find ways to gradual and steady weaning from bad habits. The child must perceive parents as advisers and friends who you can trust, and not as hard educators.

The arguments about the harmfulness of this or that habit needs to be convincing. For example, cigarettes and alcohol lead to dependency, causing real harm. Cigarette smoke kills the cells of the lungs and clogs them with resins, assorted soft drinks disastrous effect on the liver. The thought of the dangers present habits sooner or later still creeps into the consciousness of the child that will be a solid step towards getting rid of such habits. But the most important will be the example of non-drinking and non-Smoking parents.

“Strange hobby” modern children

In the understanding of adults Hobbies should be: music, sports, painting, dancing. The youth of many generations has been associated with these Hobbies. But time passes, new technologies, and new Hobbies, incomprehensible to the older generation. The children now at the forefront of the computer and Internet, clubs and discos.

There are new sports like dancing on asphalt or extreme Cycling. Also new musical currents, strange to adults. But, despite the fact that it’s all unusual and surprising for parents who need to rejoice in the fact of Hobbies something. Because important is not the passion, and the constancy with which it is suitable to the child. As a result the child develops a goal towards which he strives. The child must be maintained in such a hobby, interested in his progress and problems, it is possible to allocate the money for the necessary accessories.

Because now it is a hard time for child family may be the only peaceful Harbor. Therefore, the child was not difficult, only the family should be his role model in life, she must teach by example, right to build their lives.

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