Gradually in our country decreases the number of children in orphanages and boarding schools, through such forms of family, patronage, guardianship, adoption.

Here in our city last year were closed orphanage “AK Bota”, a boarding school for children with deviant behavior, people often become interested in adoption issues. But adopted, returned to their biological families children would be much more if to a whole new level was raised social service family support. Typically, a child from a dysfunctional family is in the walls of the orphanage after the deprivation of parental rights, deficiencies, gaps in education need to compensate teachers already. But this could have been avoided with more diligent work with troubled families. This convinced the participants of the “round table” held in the boarding school No. 1, which discussed the theme of child abandonment and placement of children in the family.

Head of Department for the protection of the rights of children Gulshara Costuleta believes that there is a need to focus on the socialization of children-orphans, the revitalization of the school of adoptive parents, so that, if necessary, for advice could apply to any person who is faced with the challenge of raising a child. Director of the boarding school №1 Sania Musieva noticed that the prevention of social orphanhood must begin with the family from school.

– This is the easiest way – to remove the child from a dysfunctional family, – she says. – But the problem is that most families have, and then just have a role to play in social protection bodies. Being on the forum “the Child should grow up in a family”, I heard a lot of negative to the children’s homes, boarding schools, which do not agree. In Kazakhstan there are several thousand children-orphans and simultaneously to close all orphanages simply impossible. We organize actions “?one with?bi” where we invite parents, adopted children, foster foster care so that children could be proud of, though not blood, mom and dad, these people themselves could serve as an example for others who want, but did not dare to adopt a child, to give him a family. And I believe that we must introduce the practice of support of the foster family, in certain cases, to help her. And in schools to raise awareness with high school students to understand what a family, children, what a responsibility rests upon the young moms and dads for the baby to young girls knew what early pregnancy and what are its consequences.

Director of the children’s village of family type “Shanyrak” Gulsara Bottaia concerned about what individual parents can easily impose on the state the care of their own children. While their sacred duty to raise, to provide their children with everything necessary for a full life, including housing.

– From 48 of our children 11 – full orphans, and the others have parents. 28 of them are deprived of parental rights, 5 limited parental rights, two are on long term treatment – explained the Gulsara Bottaia. – Then these same parents, is not engaged in the education of their children, arguing that they have been brought up in an orphanage, and require housing. Following the same way to repeat their own children, thus, we generated a culture of dependency? Therefore, I believe, before depriving of parental rights and send children to boarding schools, it is necessary to work with local government offices, bodies of social protection. Why not order the parents to work, to strive for the creation of normal conditions for their children? Sometimes during the work with potential adopters, we see that they are not yet ready for adoption or the taking of a child into foster care. Encourage them to contact the school of adoptive parents. Someone’s coming, others blatantly refuse. Therefore, in my opinion, at this stage should prospective adoptive parents work painstakingly social workers and psychologists.

The Director of the orphanage, Gulmira Ismagambetov noticed that different countries have different set of social services family support. And adopting the best practices, you can change the situation of social orphanhood.

– Definitely, the child needs a family, – said Izbasarovna. – Our group “Nadezhda”, acting in the child’s Home, aimed at helping Mama perforamce who find themselves in difficult life situations, and with a baby in her arms. Unfortunately, sometimes ex-pupils of boarding schools follow their mothers and also abandon their children. In our House, baby 80 percent of kids – with pathology, and people want to take only healthy. There are children of women migrant workers from neighboring countries. We, through the migration police begin to look for them, to recover the data of the child. Time passes, but giving it up for adoption or patronage we, again, can not, as have living parents, untraced. That’s the plan, I say we work hard for all social services, including those responsible for motherhood and childhood.

The school foster

parents are willing to help

In boarding school №1 took part in the workshop, which presented the project “New life”, “School for foster parents” and post-residential support orphaned children” implemented by NGO “Independent generation of Kazakhstan” with the financial support of LLP Tengizchevroil.

In the presentation of the project, and then the seminar and round table that took place in the boarding school №1 took part adviser LLP “TCO” Gulnara Aitzhanova, Director of the boarding school №1 Sania Musieva, Chairman of NGO “Independent generation of Kazakhstan” Ulugbek Taliev, representatives of the city Department of custody and guardianship, of the areas the Department for child rights protection and child care institutions.

Software project Manager Nelly kulikovskiy said that the objectives of the project included the construction of base cabinets for work with potential foster parents in the boarding school №1 in the youth Home.

– the results of the study showed that people who wish to take the child to the family, is in need of socio-psychological counseling, & #8211; Nelly says kulikovskiy. – So on the program “School for foster parents” will be working with families who will be preparing professionals to work with children. The provision of a full range of services to potential adoptive parents, the pupils who left the school. In our opinion, sometimes the adoptive parents and would like to diversify leisure of children, to accustom them to a certain mode, to help the child to build relationships with other members of the new family, but don’t know how it pedagogically correct to do. In this we will also provide assistance.

With the aim to share experience were invited to the seminar, the Deputy Director of the charity Fund “Fund of Togliatti” Svetlana Caparena and head of the Department of family, custody and guardianship of the city hall of Togliatti Svetlana Lysova. According to participants, much of the Russian experience, they are ready to apply. Interested in their system of service interactions the problem of social orphanhood, the stages of transfer of children to family-based education, support measures and support adoptive families.

– Before depriving parents of parental rights, the Commission heard all the bodies working with this particular family, – Svetlana Lysova. – And only if it is unsuccessful, upon a termination of parental rights. The main thing for us – quality stay in foster families and in no case to prevent the return to the orphanage. A large number of children for placement in one family is not allowed, as we understand that the period of adaptation is not easy. Accordingly, there is extensive preliminary work with, a family who decided to adopt a child.

The workshop participants took part in discussions on the problems of social orphanhood, in the training “School for foster parents”, which was conducted by Russian experts.

According to the head of the city Department of custody and guardianship Akmaral Ermakovoi, the seminar was quite useful and interesting for those working with orphans, disadvantaged families.

– we Have three types of children – this guardianship, patronage and adoption. City 212 children are brought up by guardians, goes well with the adoption. However, the potential adoptive parents prefer to take newborn to 3 years. Sad, but there were cases, when they took the children, and then, arguing that is not a relationship, give them back. So high hopes for the school foster parents, would like to see this work brought real benefits to not only adopted children, but also those who are just thinking about this noble step. So that every child could exercise their important right – to live and grow up in the family.

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