Developmental activities for children on the theme “the human Body”

Hello friends! Today let’s talk about how to make an interesting educational activities for children. The answer is very simple — this will help us a box of “Two palms”. which contains all the fun! Last week we received a package with our box. And now Veronica is interesting internal structure of a person, the choice of the topic was evident.

Printing out the parcel, we saw quite a large cardboard box. Inside the box all the pieces were wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper and tied with a ribbon. I.e. this box and not ashamed to give!

What was in the box?

1. The brochure “a Fabulous guide”

2. Book E. Malevich “the human Body”. Tells available for kids language about the structure and functioning of the human body

3. Illustrated thematic dictionary “the human Body” in the form of a disc. Learn the name of the parts of the human body, both in Russian and in English.

4. A kit for making a plaster imprint of a pen or the baby’s legs.

5. Cubes puzzle

6. The game “Magnetic hairdresser”

7. Didactic materials:

— the Game is “Useful and harmful game” will familiarize the child with useful and harmful food, develop your horizons.

“What can our body?” — this is a game of physical exercises. Allow to warm up to the child during class.

— the Game “senses” will develop logical thinking and Outlook of the child.

Developing lesson for children

And now in more detail.

I really liked that the set has a brochure-guide, which is written an adventure story about a monkey Rita. By the way, monkey Rita (magnet) is also in the box. Throughout the story with the monkey are the most incredible adventures, and the child has to perform tasks during the reading of the story.

First, they were asked to cast legs, but since we are already quite large and our leg was not included in round frame, we made a pen.

Veronica loved to do the cast arms, and the next day she again asked me to lower the handle into the plaster. But, unfortunately, one set and one time use

Hereinafter Rita goes to the library and studying the book “the human Body”, we of course also read the entire book. The she is now a 3.6 G. the pictures in the book were very interesting, but the text was not always interesting. Had to explain in your own words.

From the library Rita gets to English class in school. And the child has to learn the names of human body parts in the Glossary. Because we English don’t teach, we just repeated parts of the body.

Then the monkey finds himself in a Barber shop and the child has to stay in the role of a hairdresser (game magnetic hairdresser). To do hairstyles tried all family members, but she is not very attracted. May come back later.

Play Rita had not long, as the Director called the police, and Rita was taken to the police station, where she helped police make a composite sketch of the perpetrator. With blocks, puzzles compiled by men. It is better if you pre-cut out details and will help your child to stick on the cubes. Since quite a lot of work and the child may lose interest. Nick easily coped with the task, and then invented a new game. To collect men, but no torso and this game fascinated her more .

But this adventure of Rita is not over. Very hungry, she went to a restaurant and there learned that not all food is healthy. Nick during the game, all tried, all sorts of Goodies attributed to healthy food. And at the end of the game said: “we Need the Pope to say that the pizza is harmful.”

In the remaining two games we haven’t played, but I think the game is “What can our body” Veronica just like it! After all, it physical exercises, and different movable exercises and games she loves.

Overall, the box we really liked. It collected a variety of tasks and games. Booklet helps to combine all tasks into one. Child interesting not just to perform the proposed tasks and to do them together with a monkey, take adventures, Rita.

In September there is a new box on “Pirates”, but in General you can subscribe and get a new box every month with discount! To get acquainted with the boxes on the other thread, and also read the reviews here .

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