Children’s games, playing together with the child

The constant failure of anybody lost faith in myself. “Why should I do if I still don’t succeed?” — begins to think like this man. The children even more difficult: their highly inflated self-esteem, and the skills and experience to her, to put it mildly, inconsistent with, So any mistake is a little frustrating and traumatic stronger than an adult. Especially if the parents themselves begin to tease the child inept, even jokingly. Kids games, play with your child – our topic of the article.

How is that fair?

Parents require the child to always tell the truth. And, succumbing in the game, in fact, deceive him. But that’s a white lie: if the adult and the child will play as equals, the baby will never learn to win (after all, the skills and abilities of adults do not go to any comparison with the abilities of the child), and therefore will not gain invaluable experience of victory and will not receive the “vaccine”.

Give the competition?

Compromise. Actually adults don’t like to play with dolls, nor in the constructor. Too simple of a task, boring. But to play with your child! Here come to the aid of game competition with their unpredictability and excitement.

The housebreaking. Sometimes only in the competition of the child can be forced to do something. For example, to remove the toys to race or to wash hands before lunch: who is faster?

The solution to the problems. The baby is not able and seconds to sit at the table or too sedentary? Thinking up games is a competition that will be interesting to your baby and at the same time will help to overcome the shortcomings.

Rules of the giveaway

Fall is only the beginning. During the training period invisible parent assignment will show the child that he is in principle able to cope with the task. But when the child has mastered the necessary skills, with the giveaway you need to finish – the weight should be fair.

Be natural. Victory should not be too easy and obvious, then it depreciates. If the kid realized that he was playing, he might be offended and even more to lose faith in their own abilities.

Ask to the maximum. Get to the game her best efforts – only a win will raise the commitment and the will to win. Kid, accustomed to work hard, to endure failure, knowing that I did everything I could.

Select the time. The surrender must be immediately, but towards the end of the game, and do it as if by accident. “Mistake”, let the child will take advantage of the chance to win.

Tranquillity, only tranquillity

Often too rough an experience of loss speaks about a deep secret fear: “If I’m not the best, I’m not one to love”. Be sure to make it clear to the child that your love for him is unconditional and losing doesn’t make him worse. When the child cope with negative emotions, be sure to notice it and encourage. Not confess. The kid should not even be suspected deception on your part.

Not a giveaway and benefits

A smile of fortune. There are games, a victory which depends only on luck – and it must be stress. The kid needs to learn that not all victories are the fruit of his efforts. If a lot of players and they are all about the same age, make sure that each of the young participants of the ILO to feel like a champion. Or a member of a friendly team, contributing to the victory.

Adult plus child. When playing in a team game the whole family, never unite on the principle of “parents against children”. Let dads co-worker will become a daughter, and my mother’s partner’s son.

Rules. If players of different ages, you need to equalize their opportunities. For example, temporarily introduce new regulations, giving relief to the kids. It is important that the older children understood why the crumbs given a handicap, and approved it. Try not to play games where the loser has to retire from the game. He feels not only upset because of the loss, but also ejected from General celebration.

Don’t forget about the prizes. But do not make them cult. Prize winner may serve and praise and not just chocolate.

Play with peers

The giveaway will end when the baby starts to play with their peers, without the participation of moms and dads. And these games are very useful. Peers will not concede victory without a battle. And therefore, winning, the child now knows — this time he is really the best. The loss in the company of their peers, too honest, and adults at all desire will not be able to give this experience to your child. But someone breaks the rules, doesn’t consider other people’s desires and is not able to lose with dignity, the children in the game just take. So, the ability to lose also need to be taught.

He cannot lose

• Be there. And if you see that your baby starts to get nervous, scattering chips or components, as only he can’t do something, help him. It is best to distract the child, to fix a problem, and then encourage him to finish and praise as if it were only his achievement. In this case, the spirit of competition continues, and the desire to do more will increase.

• don’t comfort. To pity and comfort “the poor and unfortunate” is not: to the child it is important to understand that the loser is not a victim.

• Not the result but the process. Discuss the game, emphasizing not win or lose, but how fun you had a great time.

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