Features of education of boys in China

What do we know about the Chinese? What is a quiet hardworking people who can work for days on end in the most inhumane conditions. The Chinese produce a huge number of different products is not very high quality, from baby toys to the national flags of other countries. Chinese goods have flooded the whole world and have spawned the Chinese economic miracle. However, it is said that for internal use are made of better products.

Chinese alternative medicine is also widely known. Chinese history is replete with great inventions: silk, gunpowder, paper, tea and porcelain have made this place famous all over the world. The Chinese are disciplined, selfless and United, sporting success of this nation in recent years make us good come to envy.

Of course, raising children in key national traditions it is necessary that China has continued to surprise. What is the content of education and the challenges of raising boys in China?

Especially the education of children in China.

Traditional parenting styles in China are significantly different from European. Raising children in China – government support, so it is normal when the child is sent to the nursery from the age of three. They say that young Chinese people can sleep in almost any position, they are quite calm and patient, so the problem of education at an early age there are not very acute. In a year and a half the child begin to teach: counting, singing, drawing, writing. Parenting is serious business, lessons from an early age are strongly.

The kids grow up active, sociable, curious. Used parenting styles teach children to be compliant and obedient.

So you became more clear the content of the education of young children in China and the core values that must feel as a result of upbringing children, I will bring the famous story about the boy who became a preacher of the Tao. When he was offered a delicious, he courageously refused. Why? He explained that the fact that it’s small, and he needs little. The above cautionary tale be sure to tell the children, presenting the simplicity of the boy as an important virtue.

Problems of education in Chinese society, not the ones that concern us. Visited in China are very surprised when mom is at the store said to the boy: “Wait” and he waits for her for an hour or two without the slightest concern. Imagine that in those two hours did your child?

Campinarana and submission here – traditionally very important factors of education. Earlier, for example, a child in a rural area, spent his time with his mother, being taped to it with a piece of cloth (a type of sling-scarf). Long was taken breastfeeding, the child was fed on demand, put to sleep with the parents. Everything seems to be fine. But, at the same time, Paul was considered unclean, so the child would not let him crawl. The majority of the time he had to sit on a chair, sometimes even tied.

Modern parenting styles differ from traditional, but the basic trend is: obedience and acceptance of all that is happening with humility.

Boys and girls.

The birth of a boy was always very important event in the life of a Chinese family. Parenting is a holiday. Education for boys is a huge holiday. According to popular tradition, the birth of a male child will help the gyroscope on a string, it is such a gift to parents sent a pregnant daughter. If a boy was born, the child dressed in red robes, symbolizing joy, and proudly showed to all relatives and friends. The basis of Chinese society is respect for the father of the family, to the man, and it affects the content of education for boys and girls.

According to tradition, the education of children begins at birth. Although adopted by many other countries are more free parenting styles, parenting in China has always been very strict. It was believed that when a child is to convey to the mouth hand, you should wean him from the breast and start to teach him to eat on their own.

Education for boys have traditionally been more difficult and important than educating girls: they were taught courtesy and acquainted with the calendar, taught songs moral content, the boys attended school. The girls had to learn to be passive, modest, obedient and learn the skills of homemaking.

The main factors of upbringing boys – it game for the purpose of preparation for future employment. Game boys imitated production work, practiced the skills of a traditional practice of Chinese men. The challenges of raising boys in China is the problem of education of these workers, ready for many hours of tireless work.

Girls expect less, often showed them their inequality with boys. Fairly traditional names were, especially in the villages, translated as, for example, “a big mistake”.

Yes, of course, was brought up boys and girls separately. Currently the situation has changed. Modern China, a well-developed and technologically “populated” skyscrapers, very different from the past, not only externally but also on the lifestyle of the people.

Raising children in modern China.

The content of education in modern China, compared with the traditional Chinese society of earlier periods has changed. Significantly increased the value of education for all, both boys and girls. Although still in most parts of the birth of a boy is considered more desirable than the birth of a girl.

Preschool education is carried out in many different ways, and different styles, and content of education. In addition to specialized educational institutions, kindergartens as well open when public organizations and enterprises, as well as publish individuals.

But they all adhere to the General principle of compulsory combination of actual physical education and child development. Early childhood education aimed at the full development of the child, the conditions for disclosure of the child’s abilities. In the future, these same principles the education act and in schools. Primary education in China lasts 6 years, average 3 years. In China, education is compulsory for all children from 6 years.

In large cities full secondary education to all children in rural areas more than half. All educational institutions in China aspire to achieve the harmonious development of the personality: physical, intellectual, aesthetic, understanding the importance of the “human factor”.

In recent years, China has achieved significant success in the sport, economy, business and science. And, of course, a large role to play those techniques, which are all existing in China the problem of education.

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