Congratulations to your parents wedding anniversary in verse and prose

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For each of us parents are the closest people we begin to love, barely opening his eyes in this huge world. Can’t choose your parents. Their love is not “something”, but because they are your father and mother. To them we are grateful for life, for the warmth and affection, for all the good that they gave us in life, despite all its problems. And of course, our parents deserve to be happy. They are long and hard to build their life together, so the day of the anniversary of their relations deserve special attention from the guests and children.

My parents ‘ wedding anniversary is a big event for children

Make every effort to have your parents every year, on the day of the wedding, celebrated their wedding anniversary. The celebration of the wedding anniversary of parents has become a pleasant tradition, and children are the main organizers, parents and arrange a special family holiday. Noting this important anniversary, the children share the joy and arrange sumptuous feast, where they invite all relatives and friends.

Each anniversary has its own name and traditions of the celebration. Therefore, preparing a surprise to parents, think over the script of the holiday and the gifts that match the name of the anniversary. It is also very important to prepare beautiful greetings parents with such an important day for them – a wedding anniversary.

What to say in greeting parents

Congratulate the parents with a wedding anniversary is not only necessary, but necessary.

Children are the most valuable and the most important thing in the lives of the parents, so their children they expect the most warm and tender words. For them is not so important what gifts presented to children as their support, respect and love. Therefore, about his love to his parents and that they are the best in the world have to say in the first place.

Tell them how you value their relationship in the family, as you always remember their kindness, love, care. How important to you the instruction of a father, the tenderness of a mother’s arms, as you feel my mother’s eyes are always watching you with anxiety and excitement.

Parents, especially those who have aged, I want to feel the support and care of their children. No matter how much they tried to be persistent and balanced, believe me – the love they expect from you, like little children. If you don’t have enough time to show this love and appreciation on a daily basis, like family holidays – the best place to tell your parents “thank you” and “love”.

Important words for parents

My parents ‘ wedding anniversary is a celebration of love and understanding. Be sure to tell parents that they deserved it. It is only by loving couples who are constantly working on themselves and their relationships, is able to reach the date of the next anniversary. Not to give up and to survive in difficult situations, to adequately find a way out of problems, to keep the family together and warm relationship will be a hard task. And if your parents coped with it, then they will surely appreciate and love each other. And your task – to convey to them that in his message.

From kids beautiful greetings for wedding anniversary are expected not only parents, but also by all the guests. So take the preparation congratulations to this day the right amount of time.

What to choose and how to cook congratulation

When choosing a good, decent and appropriate greetings wedding anniversary parents should not neglect the practical advice of friends, relatives. They need to listen and take into account the basic requirements to such a greeting:

It should be touching and sweet. In needs to be to Express all my love, gratitude and affection. So congratulations to parents on wedding day, you need to choose carefully, and prioritize in accordance with your feelings.

Consider the nature of the audience and the preferences of their parents. Will they welcome this public expression of your feelings? Maybe it would be better if you tell them about your love alone? Though each of the guests is the loved one, but not everyone can speak openly.

Need to think what you like poems or greetings in prose on wedding day. Both sounds nice, if it’s properly choose and expressive read.

Define the character wishes. Congratulate the parents on the anniversary of the must beautiful and solemn. There is no place for uncertainty. Better not to forget words in the middle of a sentence. It is better to choose such a happy marriage, you will be able to learn, not getting lost in the words. The wish of children must be pronounced clearly, and beautifully expressive. You need to be sure every word. If your parents love to joke and have fun, you can choose a humorous greeting. But humor should be soft and friendly to make the smiles of the parents and the audience.

The amount of congratulations is important. So nice to congratulate the parents on the anniversary, it is better to choose a short, slightly sentimental, or, conversely, humorous greetings that will be well received by guests.

Congratulations to your parents wedding anniversary – wishes, the selection of which requires a special responsibility.

Every parents deserve only positive emotions on this day, and so congratulation with the anniversary should be easy and relaxed. In it you will be able to show parents how important they are to you, how you love, value and respect. It will be nice to hear those words from the ones from their children.



My dear mom and dad!

Fun, friendly and carefree!

I wish to be together forever,

Good health and eternal passion!



The best in the world, dear parents heartily congratulate you on the anniversary!

Today you Shine like two stars in the sky. It is because for many years you keep the light of your everlasting love.

Me today, warm and cozy. This is because I always keep in our heart warm and cozy home.

Today, all admire your harmonious and beautiful couple. Because you are worthy of admiration – you have lived so many years in love and harmony. And if they fight, quarrel, these were small and unnoticeable, because I don’t remember them. But I remember her kindness, love and care and do know one thing – you are the best parents in the world!

Live another hundred years without losing its core values – love, understanding and endless patience!


Dear mom and dad!

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Today is a big celebration not only you, but all your children. We so rarely say “thank you”, but today is the day when I want to say this word out loud and all over the world.

Thank you, dear, for having created and saved a beautiful family!

Thank you for giving us life!

Thanks for the father’s house, filled with kindness and affection!

Thank you for your concern, support and understanding.

Thanks for your nights without sleep and days with prayers, because thanks to them we grew up healthy and successful.

I bow to you, my parents favorite! I wish you to celebrate many more such anniversaries. Don’t get discouraged and enjoy life. Love each other, their children, and this huge world in which you and I so happy!

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