The nurse teaches the child to understand the nature

Since the very young age, it is very important to teach a child to understand, to listen and to respect nature. We are all very fine, but strong thread tied to nature. Rupture of relations with nature leads to excessive urbanization – immersion only in the urban environment, to emptiness, to the misunderstanding of nature, to neglect her. As a result, the person does not receive from nature with much needed energy .

What is the difference between a man and a child? In principle no, but the child can be left alone with a babysitter.

If a child is engaged in nanny, then on her shoulders rests the duty is not just to walk with your child and teach the child to love and understand nature. Will see what we can recommend the nanny or parents – how to teach your child to love nature:

– Walk your child in the courtyard – use every opportunity to go with a child there where plenty of nature – in square, Park, forest. If possible – go with the child often on the nature .

There is nothing more hostile to the child than his mother. – Assuming further that any woman exactly is a mother first, we should recognize female infantilism a symptom of extreme degeneration. – Meanwhile, as the “ideal man” is only “eternal child”.

– Teach your child from the very young age to listen to the sounds: the rustle of leaves, the singing of birds, the croaking of frogs, the soft rustle of water, etc. This will teach your child to listen to “the silence” and to understand it .

– The nanny or parents it is best to teach the child to understand the nature in most its different manifestations, in any season: winter, spring trees, autumn leaves, summer sea. Show the child the snow, to call him to hear the rain on the roofs, to run under the summer rain, listen to the sounds of the wind, show morning dew, rainbows, etc .

To lay in the early years, the basis of humanity and citizenship, it is necessary to give the child the correct vision of good and evil.

– Show the child a movie on TV about nature, animals, fish, birds out In the world of animals, etc. On the discovery channel often show different films about nature .

– Allow the child to touch the leaves, the flowers, picking them to smell the fragrance of flowers, plants. To give the child to try berries from the Bush – strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries .

If you give the child,he will become your ruler;and in order to force him to obey,you have to continually negotiate with him.

– Teach the child respect for nature is not to pick flowers just so, the more, throwing them to the ground when they are tired. Not to step on insects, ants, beat his foot on the mushrooms, etc. Let the nurse explain to the child that everything in nature is interconnected, and the death of insects leads to the extinction of birds, and ripped off just for the fun of flower is already damage to the natural beauty .

Be yourself and man, and child, to teach the child.

– Read books about nature and animals: Gerald Durrell’s “My family and animals”, “Zoo in my Luggage” and his other books, stories Vitaly Bianki, Prishvin, Seton-directed by Andrew Thompson “Stories about animals”, etc .

– Teach the child to distinguish between different plants and trees: let the names of the colors that show on the butterflies say than deciduous trees differ from conifers, tell us about poisonous berries and mushrooms .

A child learns From a wise father from the cradle. (Who does not think so is a fool, Baby and me he is the enemy!) .

– Give your child independence in the forest so he had the opportunity to run around and explore all around, but never for a moment let go of the child .

The probationary period for the nanny usually, hiring a nanny to work for her test set S.

The older child nurse can tell you about the structure of plants: root, stem, leaves, flowers. Further, of the life of a forest, how and what to eat animals, insects, birds, how to determine the age of trees, etc. You can buy good natural satin with illustrations and show the child the first the plants in the picture, and then their own in the woods .

When punishing a child and tell him that doing this to ensure that he was not a reptile, a scumbag and a moral monster, it is likely that the child will remember the words: “bitch”,”hell-raisers” and “moral monster”.

– Play with the child in search engine Explorer: collect feathers, acorns, pine cones, sticks unusual shapes, stones, etc. From all this you can at home to do various crafts: acorn animals and creatures using clay, cardboard box from under the Shoe to make the child a piece of forest – clearing, lay the bottom with moss, sticks from the bushes and trees, put pebbles etc. Fantasy is unlimited here. You can use modeling clay, colored paper, pieces of fabric, glue .

When punishing a child and tell him that doing this to ensure that he was not a reptile, a scumbag and a moral monster, it is likely that the child will remember the words: “bitch”, “hell-raisers” and “moral monster”.

Nanny or parents can collect the child herbarium: to collect plants, flowers, carefully to bring their home – for example, in the magazine, then put a thick book between the pages of a sheet of paper or a napkin, then a flower, then a sheet of paper (napkins) and close the book. Under such pressure the plants should lie down for a few days until dry. Then paste them neatly or attach by means of transparent adhesive tape in crayon album and sign the name of the plant or flower. Caution: dried flowers break easily. So, gradually, the child, under the supervision of nurses or parents will collect their herbarium. This will teach him to respect the plants, flowers, in addition, he will learn to recognize different plants. So you can collect flowers, twigs of trees, shrubs, plants, grass .

Looking for a nanny. Search AgencyNannies are selected by specialized agencies on the selection of a home person.

And child, and friend we love only if we already know how to love.And this man learns the woman.

– Dried plants and flowers the caregiver can help the child to make a beautiful card to congratulate the parents, the grandparents .

– You can teach your child to collect medicinal tally: chamomile, sage, St. John’s wort, rosehips, spearmint, etc. and Only: to collect such herb needed only in clean places, away from highways and polluted places. Coming home – brewing herbs, to give drink to the child and explain to him what these herbs help .

The illusions of childhood and grow from the experience.We buy the child a balloon, though, and know that sooner or later it will burst.

– If you have the opportunity – take the child to the sea, that he not only swam, and sat on the beach and listened to the sounds of waves breaking on the shore, the sounds of the sea wind, the scream of gulls, have seen the sun setting in the sea . To find the answer to your question please use the form for the Search on the site.

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