Bad habits in children

You have a baby boy. Here it grows and grows, learns, communicates, meets, goes to school, he formed a character, is the development of certain skills, and you notice changes in his behavior – new habits. This can be both beneficial and harmful habits of children. Negative – in any case you need to fight.

However, do not rush, first you need to know why habits emerge, and then to find methods of dealing with them.

The content of the article

Where there are habits in children?

Some baby habits are laid in the womb, but most are acquired.

Among them are the following:


the shuffling of feet;

jerking on the chair;

increased gesticulation;

picking your nose;

repetition of words-parasites;

frequent slavyana etc.

Sometimes even innocent picking his nose or thumb sucking may develop into something more serious like a malicious whims. One of the main causes of both good and bad habits is the instinct of imitation. It is therefore very important to watch out for their behavior and talk about it with their relatives.

For example, if the baby’s father has the ability to constantly scratching the back of his head or picking your nose, then there is nothing surprising in the fact that my son, who loves the Pope, and most often is with him, will behave similarly. So, if you like to read in the toilet, then sooner or later you will see that the same deal and your children.

In this case, it is important not to judge strictly son or daughter, since you yourself are the object of imitation. It will cause him emotional pain from injustice, and he will try to do the same thing already out of spite.

At this point it is important to clearly explain to the child that this is not normal and role models should become good habits, and not harmful, and you also should start to fight together.

So, if you find that kid again became interested in some naughty pastime, make a remark to him, but add that if you notice it behind me, then be sure to remind me that it’s wrong to do that. To do them no less important.

Habits are formed not only within the family but also in contacts with other children in the garden or with classmates at school. In this case the baby needs to make it clear that this is not good and no member of your family does, and even his favorite cartoon hero lives by different rules.

By the way, the cartoon characters are also strong role models. However, in this case it is important to choose the objects of imitation. So, the heroes of books, movies and cartoons can become very good helpers in the education of children.

Also it is important to monitor what the kid on the Internet, what visits. Gambling is also a harmful occupation, you need to set the mode of computer use.

Most likely, you will not immediately be able to convince the kid to do it correctly, however, do not jump too quickly to punitive measures, because sometimes his stubbornness and whims direct psychological factors.

Some pathological repetition of certain actions occur on a background of fear and illusions that surround him in the world.

Fantasy and lies

Good attentive parent must be able to distinguish the false from the imagination. Maybe the kid without any selfish thoughts quite often comes up with fabulous stories and try to sell them a reality.

This only shows that your child is a creative person. In this case, you need to encourage the baby, but at the same time and make it clear that you don’t succumb to the hype, and think his creativity is worthy of attention and respect.

You should not punish your own child for too much mobility and not to beat, if he’s showing off Wallpaper or repeatedly jumped on the couch. Better to influence his abilities and begin to develop them in the right direction: to record in the Studio or playing sports.

If he constantly breaks the expensive toys, he may be inclined to technology and it will be better to buy a set designer? Think about it.

Bad habits in children of preschool age and can disappear as quickly as it appears and sometimes the baby may not even notice it. While excessive concentration, constant picking at the risk of pinning, so what will perceive them as a means of attracting attention. To get rid of them is not so easy.

If your child bites her nails, sucking the finger in the mouth or constantly touching the genitals – this shows that he has bad habits that will need to fight.

Causes of

Very often addictions preschool children are purchased by them from loneliness. If your small child is often left alone, he may begin to experience fear of darkness, loneliness and the fact that all left him.

In addition, it happens that the children of school age appear nervous tics or compulsive movements, such as frequent blinking, sudden movements of the head, sniff, cough and more.

In this situation, the blame for these Hobbies should not, on the contrary, it is better not to focus attention on this, as they will resolve spontaneously after elimination of precipitating factors.

Bad habits in children of school age, usually appear during times when he is alone and, for example, prepares for sleep. At such moments, and they usually take root.

To ensure that the child is not used to calm himself desirable, to talk and spend time with him before bed at least half an hour. It could be reading books or any cooperative play. This will make it clear to him that he desired, and surrounded by attention and love of parents.

Warning of various bad habits in children that will help you avoid many of them.

For this purpose it is desirable to adhere to the following recommendations :

Try as long as possible to keep breastfeeding;

Not to take away the pacifier when breastfeeding for some reason it becomes impossible;

Do not be afraid of rocking the baby, if he can’t fall asleep on her own;

It is undesirable to leave the children alone for a long time in bed, if they are unable to fall asleep;

To try to care for her daughter or son as often as possible;

Not to shame in front of others if he cannot do something and not make it fit;

Not to allow too much time to spend in the toilet;

To try to avoid possible conflicts in the family.

The effect of numerous bad habits in children may be worse if you will not be dealing with them. The best medicine here is affection, kindness, the correct mode of the day and the prevention of bad habits.

All this will help him become more trusting, calm and obedient, and effectively get rid of the addiction. Create a comfortable environment for their children, and you will not notice how bad habits in children will remain in the past.

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