Creating a situation of success in lessons for children with an individual trajectory of development

Elementary school has always been and remains the place and time of every person’s life, from invisible threads which will run in all spheres of its future, and not only school life.

A love of reading, respect for nature, the opportunity to Express themselves in art, sports. The ability to organize the space around them – well, at least on the Desk and in the portfolio, the ability to share with other work and to take responsibility for their part. The ability to feel pride and success. Aren’t these the skills, abilities, and feelings are the cornerstone of any success as Mature and adult?

Every teacher of elementary school in their practice meets with different groups of children: children c intact health; gifted children; children with disabilities to varying degrees, including children with disabilities.

Of particular concern is the significant increase in the number of children with mental retardation. For such children need special conditions of education, which helps them to solve common tasks, but also the problem of correcting the deficiencies of mental development.

The definition of “mental retardation” means a slow self-paced child development, this means that only in a properly organized learning environments he will be able to utilize intellectual capabilities.

Effective mastery of the material is possible only with skillful organization of a training forms of cooperation of children and considering the peculiarities of the lesson through a situation of success for children with an individual trajectory of development.

The situation success is a combination of conditions that ensure success, and the success is the result of such a situation.

The situation is something that is able to organize the teacher.

The educational process involves the creation of each student’s success in class. The desire for success has a way of overcoming failure.

The activity that brings success is a major factor in personal growth, because the success of the child is the only source of inner strength and energy.

The main point of the teacher is to create each child a situation of success in the classroom and to give him the opportunity to experience the joy of achievement, be aware of your abilities, believe in yourself.

What are the ways and methods of creating a situation of success?

Methods and techniques of creating a situation of success:

 Making contacts, building trust:

smile, your name, stroking, empathy to the student.

 Removal of a sense of fear.

 Clear instruction. Advice on how to perform plan.

 Advancing personality, proclaiming its merits.

 The use of positive reinforcement: switch the child’s attention from himself to business by strengthening its social significance.

 Interpreting fault as dignity.

 Pedagogical suggestion(through intonation, plastic, facial expressions) – conveys confidence and gives impulses to action.

 Teacher evaluation results: evaluation of the person and the activity, the child’s relationship to her.

 Indwelling faith of the child in its future success.

The impression of success is so strong that it can shake even the established

negative attitudes to learning. The situation has an impact not only on the student, but

many other children, who need success.

What could be the success?

What is the situation of success in the classroom?

The formula for the success of the lesson

What is the personal growth of each student?

In this regard, what is involved in education?

Turn the school to the child;

The acceptance of personal characteristics, interests;

Respect for his virtues;


Understanding of the socio– educational situation of its development;

The creation of maximum favorable conditions for the disclosure of his abilities and


Provision of comprehensive psychological and pedagogical assistance and protection in the process


One of the ways to create success for children with an individual trajectory of development is the differentiated approach in training. The lessons I create the conditions for the maximum possible development of the child’s abilities, the formation of inner psychological peace and confidence.

In the process of educational activity I see each child as a subject of study, try to form personal relationships, create a positive emotional background. In class the children feel confident and secure that became possible with the development of students ‘ permanent feeling of success. If a child is to deny faith in yourself, it’s hard to hope for his bright future. The student then extends to knowledge when experiencing the need to learn, when they are driven healthy motives and interest, backed by the success.

For example, I used the lessons of such techniques and forms of work such as:

1.An unexpected pleasure is the feeling of satisfaction from the fact that the performance of the student has surpassed his expectations. When individual work in class for weak students were given assignments, which they surely were performed (receiving a “ladder” or “stand in line,” welcome “give a chance”. Children have the opportunity suddenly to reveal himself and his own capabilities).

2.General joy – this form is effective when students work in groups. Here it is possible to get for these children response team (reception, “follow them” – the point is to Wake up dormant idea of a disciple, to give him the opportunity to find the joy of recognition for their intellectual effort).

3.The joy of learning – cultivating cognitive interest, the formation of joy of knowledge (receiving “Eureka” – children get interesting results that give them a perspective of cognition).

Successful learning is the only source of internal forces of the child, bearing energy to overcome difficulties and desire to learn. Junior high school student not so much aware of the success, how many experiences it. In the basis of expectations of success – the desire to win the approval, the desire to approve themselves, their position, to make a request for the future.

During his work came to the conclusion that the interest in the educational process for children with an individual trajectory of development can be formed by creating game situations. Therefore, often use the lessons of the riddles, creative tasks. Try, in the formation of interest in the subject, to link with the children’s experience. Develop in students a positive self concept. In this case on the basis that:

see each student’s unique personality, respect her, trying to understand, believe in it;

create situations for success, approval and support, goodwill, school life, studying bring your child the joy;

exclude direct coercion, but also the emphasis on the lag and other shortcomings

of the child;

provide opportunities and help children to realize themselves in a positive


To stimulate cognitive processes I include students in creativity,

organize with developing games in the classroom, organizing my exercises. games, activities,

developing imagination, memory, thinking.

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