How can parents help a child well study

A rough outline of the conversation:

1. The compliance regime of the day — an important prerequisite for successful learning of the child.2. Parental control over the homework with students.3. Typical mistakes of parents in the educational work of children at home. Parent help children in their educational work goes in three directions.

Parents organize the mode of the day students, checking homework, teach the children independence. The teacher must convince parents of the need to adhere to routines. Compelling examples of” shows that adherence helps the child to cope with academic stress, promotes health, protects the nervous system from overwork. 20% of schoolchildren in poor health is a major cause of underachievement in the elementary grades.

When planning academic work of a student and his other responsibilities at home, free lessons for parents it is important to keep in mind that everything has to be allotted a certain time. Of course, sometimes you have to ask a daughter or son to help in some way, when this help is needed, regardless of your usual daily routine. But this cannot always be done, regardless of what it is now engaged in the child. It often happens: only the student laid out the books, took the classes, as it is sent to the store. Began boy to read an interesting book — are asked to water the flowers, village girl for embroidery, just started working — send her to for a walk with his younger brother.

Depending on the type of nervous system of the child such switching may occur faster or slower. Children with movable type nervous system can easily cope with the task of switching from one case to another, and slow of experiencing particular difficulties. Junior high school student and because of their age characteristics is not able to quickly switch from one case to another. To throw-one session in which he’s tuned, and start another, the child has to overcome the natural internal desire to insist on his own and do not fulfill the requests of the parents. The result is a General resentment, feelings of sorrow.

Sometimes, a reluctance that is associated with the difficulty of switching manifests itself in rudeness. On the proposal of the mother or father to run an unexpected errand, the child suddenly said: “I’m Not going anywhere, Always, as soon as something interesting, so definitely will make more to do.” Parents should give the child time to adjust psychologically to prepare for the new case. For example, my daughter is reading a book, and need to send her to the store. The mother tells her daughter: “Galya, as soon as you finish reading the page, it will be necessary to go to the store. I put money here”. Or son: “Stop the propeller, after 10 minutes, let’s set the table”.

Unwarranted switching the baby from one case to another (if it has become common in the family) is harmful and the fact that the child is forced to leave the job without completing it. If it logs in, then the pupil will be brought up a bad habit is not to bring the case to the end.

All these facts are important to consider for parents of young children, which begins to form the attitude to duties, lessons, public assignments, to work.

A mandatory stay of children in the air, the Teacher emphasizes that parents should not violate This requirement. Thus, parents should understand that their primary task is to care for a child of primary school age in the organization of his time at home. Organized, diligent and attentive child will work well and I lesson.

Teacher tells parents how they should monitor the homework of the students. First of all it is necessary to constantly monitor the records of homework in the diary. After that, it is important to check the fact of domestic divination. And then browse to the correctness of its implementation. Adults notice an error in the notebook — no need to rush to show where it is. The child should be accustomed to self-control. First I must say: “You incorrectly decided an example, remember how you checked the solution of such examples in the class. How can I check — do you have errors or not?” And only as a last resort right to show where the error was made.

Often parents, in addition to jobs of teachers, load your child additional (necessary, in their opinion) training sessions. Such parents the child performs first assignment as a draft, then rewrite it in a clean notebook. If the teacher asks the house on two columns of examples, the parents force the child to perform four — will know better! And all this is done at the expense of free time. Child overwork himself, gets tired quickly and often begins to learn not better, but worse. He loses interest in teaching, which becomes serious and uninteresting work. The teacher should explain to parents that if they give extra assignments for their child, the number and content of their have to be agreed with him.

Sometimes children are anxious, came home from school, immediately to sit for lessons. This aspiration encourage some parents. In children, this desire is caused by their inability to switch from one activity to another. The correct routine requires after school child rested, walked, and only then began to prepare lessons. The teacher should explain to parents how much time is spent on preparing lessons in the middle and any deviation from this time is acceptable for some children based on their individual characteristics and pace of development. To sit at the prep is not so good to cook them. Infinite seat for lessons that can be done much faster, usually due to the instability of the children’s attention, the inability to focus on one subject. In this case, the child will write, for example, a line, and then get distracted and start telling you about what happened today in class; will go back to the letter again distracted — will start to repair the pencil n etc. of Course, it affects the quality of the job. To teach a child to perseverance, parents set a task — to meet at a certain time, I put a watch in front of him; he’s looking at the clock, learning to distribute their classes on time.

Not all children are equally developed, a separate children even in class I poorly understand the course material, start to lag. This deficiency, PGM would be overcome with time, however, some parents, showing great impatience, spend time with the child, literally dalleva in his head a lesson. When irritated, they start yelling at the son (or daughter), naznet him a jerk. In the result, the case is even worse, the child begins to hate the doctrine, and sometimes the school, as the culprit of their unsatisfactory p.m. parents Patience, friendly tone is an important condition for the successful to help the child in learning.

The main task of parents is to monitor when the child took the lessons, if I did that, suggest where to look for the answer to the question, but not to give a ready answer, raising children independence .

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