Bad habits that hinder your happiness

Bad habits, including gnawing nails, common in many children. Unfortunately, this bad habit does not pay enough attention, hoping that “all will pass with age”.

Bitten nails , is, first of all, ugly, and secondly, these kids may have problems with social adjustment and health, thirdly, in most cases , is a symptom of neurosis, stress in the child. Why the child begins to nibble your nails and how to help him cope with this problem is divided. At the presentation of a new book on this topic, all guests will be presented the faucet flange and is very popular.

The opinion of a psychologist

The opinion of most psychologists is that a bad habit, especially if it is the desire to bite your nails , is a kind of projection of their emotions and feelings. The child simply “plagued” me for something. As “something” may make parental reproaches, the pressure on the baby, he acted like parents want, read books, when he wouldn’t want to, when parents compare your baby with other kids and stuff.

But not only the reproaches of parents can cause the development of bad habits. Often kids themselves remain dissatisfied, as if to punish himself for any infraction. The cause may be and experiences of the child . associated with preschool, school institution, children biting nails due to the problems of social formation and so on.

This behavior of the baby can not go unnoticed, and every parent wants to spare their child from a bad habit.

The consequences of bad habits

All the complications of this habit can be divided into several groups.

First, this habit affects the social development of the child, such children are the subject of ridicule and reproach among peers. Subsequently the child is difficult to abandon the habit, and even adults, not realizing what they are doing, continue to suffer from this habit. Secondly, the child grow irregular shape of the nail plate, the healthy growth of your nails and you can even not to mention, the child has a persistent hangnail on her finger. Bitten the skin around the toes can become inflamed, until the infection. Yes and the constant swallowed contents under the nails of the health of the child will be added. Under the nails can accumulate a large number of pathogens, helminth eggs, exfoliated epithelium, the list goes on to infinity. And it all goes in the mouth and intestines of the child. Thirdly, the child develops dental problems . At constant pressure to the same tooth in the periodontal : complex tissues that perform a cushioning function , may develop inflammation. This type of inflammation is similar to periodontitis, when gum drops and with frequent and intense exposure develops mobility of the tooth. Treatment of this problem is difficult in children due to anatomical and physiological features.

How to wean a child biting his nails?

It is worth remembering that immediately and simultaneously to get rid of this habit will not work. You need to be patient and help your child to get rid of it. Psychologists say that you can not blame the child for what he had this habit, the more you can’t slap on the hands from this situation will only get worse ” child “tormented” for yourself helplessness.

As soon as the baby starts biting his nails, parents might think , what exactly is bothering your baby? Once you find the reason, you need to work on a fix. Of course, the process is not fast or easy, but that is no reason to let slide. Sometimes the reason may be simple : attention deficit: thus the child is trying to attract to itself, and if not received, this action helps him to calm down.

If a baby has a restless mood, he stressed, it is important to pay more attention to him, to show more care and affection. If the child is old enough, it is possible to come up with a common cause that will be like the baby. The lesson should be related to needlework , drawing, sewing, sculpting, beading, and more. Because of this, the nervous system is redirected to another goal, habit, the child simply forgets.

Kids can give a special anti-stress toys with filler, they are quite pleasant to the touch. In addition, gaining popularity toys-transformers, of which much can be done. The principle of operation of such toys similar to the needlework A little passionate about the game, about the habits and no time to remember.

In some cases, the necessary assistance and the work of the psychologist: during the session, the psychologist teaches the child to replace the nail-biting to another, more helpful habit , for example, to draw your concerns and feelings. In the course of drawing the doctor’s asking leading questions, and the child, without realizing it, tells their anxieties and fears.

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