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Transfer of the image of the father's relationship with men
The value of age to grown-up child separated from a parent family . felt independent personality, and really turned into such. Separated energetically and informationally, and created for themselves their…

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Transfer of the image of the father’s relationship with men

The value of age to grown-up child separated from a parent family . felt independent personality, and really turned into such. Separated energetically and informationally, and created for themselves their own conduct in life, their own rules of the game.

In reality, the separation on the physical plane may be only appearance, if problems with a parent (or someone who raised the child) has not been solved, not acceptance, not found their own solutions to similar situations in the future. In this case, an adult child already subconsciously uses in the life of the copied program parents, even if consciously protesting against it.

So if someone has an unresolved problem in their relationship with a parent – this problem trudges through life, the transfer is made on other people, mates. Man continues to subconsciously sort things out, until you forgive, accept and let go of the past. As a consequence, other people had made the transfer with “problem” parents, not perceived, and the relationship with them are not harmonious. If otnosheniya was not destroyed, you can restore them after the relationship with a parent, rabotodatel them together, and accepting your partner the way he is.

Examples from practical work.

While working with the theme of “No relations with men” with E. it was discovered a large mass-the root (root shows the karmic nature of the problem). You start in this life had a difficult relationship with his father . The reason was that she was an unwanted child, during pregnancy, the father left the family, and then returned under pressure. The father took E, criticized her, calling, compared with other children, highly controlled, and prohibited what other children can do. E. felt rejection, and protested, not inferior to his father, clashed with him always.

After forgiveness and acceptance of his father, the study of all things related to birth I.e. in the mass appeared the image of her husband .

Let me remind you, father E. not adopted. To the question, what is the problem with her husband, the answer came – the failure to take it for what it is. The situation in which it is manifested – husband brags, and E. it is very annoying . Began to discuss, and she told me that bragging her husband just infuriated. The explanation of why you hated – “Tried to show himself as a hero, and I knew it was a lie that he’s not.”

I thought, why is it so hated? As you know, the annoying person that he does not accept in himself. It remains to find what it is. To brag is to talk good about themselves, to show themselves better than others. Once E. was annoyed, so she can not afford to talk about myself well. Why? Where does that come from, I asked her?

In response, the image of the father. His words, when he scolded her daughter with disdain “What you make!”, when E. was talking about something good. So she subconsciously entrenched that to speak well of yourself is bad. The record preserved in the subconscious mind with the humiliation from his father’s words, and protest against it.

When the husband began to brag, E. intensified this mass, and there was any irritation, and father, and herself. These programs are “played out” in reality the husband. After E. cleaned the situation with his father, allowed himself to speak well of yourself, praise yourself, boasting men ceased to arouse a negative reaction. Have any peace of mind.

But weight-root is not yet dissolved. There again appeared the image of her husband. This time recording situations with his jealousy . Began to understand, and E. uttered the phrase that caught my attention. To the question, why did you act, she said internally considered the relationship finished.

I wonder why, where is the opinion? What is it based? First E. explained by the fact that he had not been a sexual relationship, she felt like a woman. Then it turned out that she was an unpleasant touch of her husband, she was annoyed, angry, and sex or not at all, or E. I didn’t enjoy it.

To the question, how it started, the situation came when the husband angrily said “bitch” and a few hurtful words. It then immediately cut off from him. Right hated. Why, why such reaction? And then again there was the image of his father. He often called E, fearing that she did not walk in his youth. A E. it was very disappointing to hear, because no reason she can’t. Reaction to the words his father had accumulated, with these words was associated humiliation, rejection of themselves as women, anger, resentment . In General, a whole bunch.

And cost the husband to pronounce the “sacred words”, as all this negativity was on him subconsciously projected. Since then, the husband subconsciously equal to the father, was the father. What here sex:))). Yes, father chastising dirty words.

By the time our work with her husband E. had gone, she had a new relationship. But the adoption of her husband, accepting his family life, has caused massive upheaval in her subconscious mind, in the aura. Went strong energy flows on the right side (responsible for relations with a man), changed the status, activity, perception of life. Everything fell into place. It turns out that the husband was quite good, everything was good. And the relationship with the current man can build without a struggle and confrontation, and with the adoption.

Details of the technique of holographic therapy, basic energy-the defeat of the aura, and how to work with them, work with karma, with the relationship described in our book “Restoring Personal Power. The basis of holographic therapy.” .

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