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Abstract the Development of creative abilities and mental flexibility in children

At the beginning of the XXI century. in the theory and practice of education particularly acute for the development of creative abilities of pupils. This is because the orientation of the schools on the formation of students mainly reproductive thinking has led to the fact that most graduates who perfectly well knew the school curriculum, do not know how to use these knowledge in unusual situations, when solving problem tasks in various spheres of public life. Unfortunately in most of the current secondary school graduates is not developed creative thinking, they are poorly prepared for the synthesis of the information received, turning it into a flexible system suitable for use in different situations; in fact not prepared for creative analysis of the situation. However, we know that children are naturally curious and eager to learn. To enable every child to develop their abilities, necessary mental guidance from the teacher.

the main task of the teacher in each lesson of educational and educational process should be the development of the child’s mental flexibility.

its time Ushinsky wrote about the fact that the logic of nature accessible to children. Continue reading

Congratulations to your parents wedding anniversary in verse and prose

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For each of us parents are the closest people we begin to love, barely opening his eyes in this huge world. Can’t choose your parents. Their love is not “something”, but because they are your father and mother. To them we are grateful for life, for the warmth and affection, for all the good that they gave us in life, despite all its problems. And of course, our parents deserve to be happy. They are long and hard to build their life together, so the day of the anniversary of their relations deserve special attention from the guests and children.

My parents ‘ wedding anniversary is a big event for children

Make every effort to have your parents every year, on the day of the wedding, celebrated their wedding anniversary. The celebration of the wedding anniversary of parents has become a pleasant tradition, and children are the main organizers, parents and arrange a special family holiday. Noting this important anniversary, the children share the joy and arrange sumptuous feast, where they invite all relatives and friends.

Each anniversary has its own name and traditions of the celebration. Therefore, preparing a surprise Continue reading

I’m afraid

Since childhood I was prepared for the fact that someday I will become a mother. My parents tried to lay on me all that bright, kind and reasonable that would allow me to bring up her unborn child a real Man. Absorbing the history of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, older sisters, I was, as it seemed to me then, mentally prepared for her purpose as suddenly.

I must admit, I am not a coward, and it never has been, but the news about the pregnancy threw me, to put it mildly, in a slight daze. Frantically trying to collect will in a fist (and thoughts – in a bunch), I locked myself for a whole day in his room and was going to “think” of what is happening. Don’t think anything I was really happy, and a child conceived in love, but as it turned out, psychologically I was absolutely not prepared for the fact that my life is forever changed. Will laugh, but I was afraid of even the most minor changes, which were pictured in the imagination so vividly, as if they already happened. Now, as time passes, many of them seem to me to be sheer stupidity, but in order to realize this, I had a long way to go. It was hard, and alone, it seemed almost impossible, but, as often happens, came from an unexpected side. Thanks to the advice of a psychologist, books and conversations with Continue reading

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