7 distinguishing features of a spoiled child

Error modern parents – ‘s ambivalent attitude to the child, the lack of clear rules of parenting and permissiveness. Kids quickly learn how to manipulate parents and other relatives for the sake of obtaining the desired and allowed in the course of a variety of tricks: tears, tantrums, aggression, etc. as a result of improper training of the little monsters grow adults Infante, who will be for many years parents to use for their own benefit. Let’s see how well you nurture the baby. Perhaps he is already showing the traits needed and it is time to take urgent measures?

The child presents himself most of the time

You are busy all the time at work and time on the education does not remain. The child plays and sometimes doesn’t behave in the best way. Instead of curbing bad behavior – you give the kid whatever he wants for the sake of your own peace of mind. Thus, the child learns from an early age about proper manipulation of parental feelings. As a means of control parents he is likely to use tantrums and aggression.

Child – a family center

All the needs of your baby instantly ride, only the child to Express irritation. Grandparents, aunts and uncles – all are happy to serve the whims of the crumbs. Moreover, Continue reading

Parent remains the child after the divorce?

Dear friends! who faced or knows. after her divorce from Italian parent, the court leaves the child? automatically with his father, an Italian? or is it mother-nagradnoi Italy? A child is born in Italy, his Italian citizenship.


Up to several years (8-9 years max) ago children left mother, I guess, in 99,99%.

In connection with the new policy of equal rights and opportunities, as well as changes in the social position of children began to leave in a divorce and fathers, of course in a rather small “dose”. Is also practiced and joint affidamento, i.e. 50/50.

Mother, if she wants to keep the child, should NOT be Kompromat. deeds, somehow, abbandono dei minori, “bad” behavior, the use of a substance. drugs. Not to let the ex-husband to think that she can take the child abroad. If you (or anyone out there) in this case, all the court does not suspect. there is nothing to fear. Money should be dad.


I think Natalie knows about this problem solely by hearsay. I sued for child and for me to say,if the father is determined not to give Continue reading

How can parents help a child well study

A rough outline of the conversation:

1. The compliance regime of the day — an important prerequisite for successful learning of the child.2. Parental control over the homework with students.3. Typical mistakes of parents in the educational work of children at home. Parent help children in their educational work goes in three directions.

Parents organize the mode of the day students, checking homework, teach the children independence. The teacher must convince parents of the need to adhere to routines. Compelling examples of” shows that adherence helps the child to cope with academic stress, promotes health, protects the nervous system from overwork. 20% of schoolchildren in poor health is a major cause of underachievement in the elementary grades.

When planning academic work of a student and his other responsibilities at home, free lessons for parents it is important to keep in mind that everything has to be allotted a certain time. Of course, sometimes you have to ask a daughter or son to help in some way, when this help is needed, regardless of your usual daily routine. But this cannot always be done, regardless of what Continue reading

Developmental activities for children on the theme "the human Body"
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How to teach your child to brush their teeth
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The Husband is torn between me and his mistress
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